Although technology is good, sometimes it comes with its own costs. When it comes to children in the shape of Gadgets the impact is worse than on adults. An adult is more likely to counter some of the impacts of handling a tech gadget more than a child. Therapists have for a long time warned about the effects of tech gadgets on children although this has not been taken seriously by parents.

It is good for a parent to know that there are many health problems that a tech gadget can cause to your child and this is a clear reason why you should not allow your child to access a tech gadget.

1. Tech Gadget To Younger Kids

In fact, research shows that children under the age of 12 years should not be allowed to hold a tech gadget such as a phone, gaming consoles, and even tablets but this has been ignored by many parents.

The good thing about technology is that it has brought convenience and versatility to the way people live today especially on matters of communication although less information has been made available about the potential health problems that come with it.

The tech gadget you are using currently emits some amounts of radioactive components in a way that you cannot see or imagine. So is your child safe?

Read with me this post, to know why you should not allow your child access to a tech gadget and thank me later.

2.  A Tech Gadget Can Hinder Your Child From Exercising

For the better part of your life, exercise is needed to keep your body fit and healthy. For a child, exercise is needed as it helps in their brain growth. If your child spends most of their time on their tech gadget, it means they are not getting enough exercise.

If your child fails to get enough exercise, they are more likely to suffer from diseases and more so, it can affect the development and functioning of their brains. It is good to ensure your child gets enough exercise as this will help improve their grades and minimize behavior issues.

3.  A Tech Gadget Emits Radiation

Although a tech gadget like your phone can help you in communication and also when you want to browse the internet but it is also dangerous because it emits radiations.

Too much exposure to tech gadgets can be a radiation risk for your child and studies have seen that too much exposure to radiation can lead to cancer.

These risks are good proof that you need to do something that will help prevent your child against technology gadgets.

It is not easy to notice some of these effects but they are long-term effects that can adversely affect your child’s brain and health.

It is good to limit your children from using tech gadgets especially young children.

Give your child another way to enjoy life by spending more time with them. You can spend some time and dance with your children, exercise or even take a short walk.

Taking your child out for sports is also beneficial to your child and yourself.

4.  Mental Problems

Exposing your child to a tech gadget can cause them to suffer from mental shortcomings. If your child spends most of their time on tech gadgets like gaming consoles, mobile phones or tablets they are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety or attention deficit, and other problematic child behaviors.

This can cause a slow down on the development of your child’s health. The mental and physical development of any children depends on their exercise rather than spending time with gadgets. If you find your child’s performance deteriorating in school, it’s time to put an end to tech gadget use.

5.  Sleep Deficiency

A bigger percentage of parents today are not limiting their children from handheld devices. A child who spends most of their time on technology devices is more likely to suffer from sleep deficiency, so it is good for parents to supervise their child’s tech gadget usage.

6.  Overuse of Tech Gadget Can Make Your Child Suffer From Obesity

Research has it that a child that is more exposed to technology devices has higher chances of becoming obese. The use of these technology devices is similar to the effects of watching too much television or playing video games, which may also affect your eating habits as well.