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Dell XPS 8900

Dell is one of the most renowned companies that manufacture high-quality computers. One of the high-quality products that dell has to offer is the XPS 8900 desktop.

 The desktop comes with an amazing speed in performance. The graphics of this computer is something you can’t resist.

The desktop has an advantage in that; it comes with unmatched upgradability features. This can be seen by the fact that there is plenty of room to install more devices as well as install more cooling systems in case there is a rise in demand.

To serve you the best way, the desktop comes installed with windows 10 pro. The computer is generally the future generation as it comes with a sixth-generation processor of up to Core i7.

It is a perfect choice for video editing due to its amazing performance capability. They can as well serve best in applications requiring intensive multitasking.

This is the machine that you should get if you are looking for a gamer. The computer becomes more powerful the minute the BIOS is overclocked.

Dell XPS 8900 has wonderful memory management with the running programs. Did you know that this amazing desktop comes with a maximum of up to 32GB? Well, now you know.

The supported memory module is DDR4. This can confirm that the computer is a perfect definition of modern machines.  

Once you have this amazing computer, you have an option to upgrade the graphics card to facilitate extensive gaming. If you have been looking for a computer with a fine touch of high standard video performance, then XPS 8900 desktop is what you need.

For all music lovers, this is the computer that serves you best in that aspect. The computer comes with a channel of 6 audio jacks for a maximum musical experience. Which music lover will not fall for this?

With its immeasurable storage capability, you don’t have to worry about your movies, music, and other files’ space. The storage is highly upgradable confirming that this is a perfect choice for movie lovers.

To help you make a perfect decision on getting your gaming machine or for any other business demanding critical speed and large memory, Dell has a wide range of super speed machines.

Dell 9020

Another amazing computer is dell OptiPlex 9020. The machine is available in four different form factors. The form factor simply means the physical arrangement of components on the motherboard as well as the type of power supply used.

The four form factors give you an option to choose between sizes. One of the most powerful form factors among the four is the quad-core 3.66GHZ CPU. This machine has unimaginable power to multitask and so can run any program that suits you.

The major challenge that has been pointed by many customers is the power supply to the quad-core. Therefore, to make sure that this machine serves you best, you may need to upgrade your power supply. The upgrade will be critical if you upgrade or add other components later.

The computer is large enough to allow you to add components comfortably. The machine has proven an amazing capability to run programs that call for critical speed and memory effectively.

With a core i7- 4790 processor, and an 8mb cache, the computer is simply one of the best to handle any task in your office or business without a single bit of slowing down.

Dell 9020 comes with 8GB internal memory to help you run all your programs effectively. This is a major boost to the computer’s ability to multitask. One amazing factor about the Dell 9020 is that you can upgrade this memory up to 64 GB if you so wish.

The hard disk is only 500GB and this has been seen as a major discouragement. However, you are not restricted from upgrading since it can handle higher capacity hard disks. Similarly, the computer has enough hard disk bays, so you can add several of them to solve your mass storage issues.


In conclusion, dell has a solution for your quest for critical speed computers. The dell 9020 as well as Dell XPS 8900 desktop is a good example of powerful machines for your business or office.

Not only that you will enjoy the high speed with these computers, but you can as well upgrade the features easily since there is plenty of room for that. Take a bold step now and do an upgrade to your office or business premises.