How do you know exactly what’s causing your energy bills to spike? You get a new home appliance today, and your energy bill seems to double the next day.

It can be pretty annoying if you don’t know how to purchase the most energy-efficient Australian appliance for your home. You could save some extra cash on bills by completely avoiding household appliances like empty freezers and lowering your thermostat temperature. Also, if you’re seeking to reduce your energy consumption monthly, always ensure you turn off all devices when not in use. 

Let’s show you some of the energy-wasting appliances you should avoid for the rest of the summer and how to use the ones you already have effectively:

1.  Empty Freezers

Plug off those empty freezers you purchased for parties and celebrations. Freezers plugged into electricity round the clock triple whatever you’ll pay by the end of the month. However, this may not be a great idea if you run a home restaurant.

Our freezers often eat up an average household’s electricity bill in energy Australia. Although they have to be left on all the time to be kept at a constant temperature, the empty ones can be turned off from drawing power.

Turning the switch of an empty freezer off for a day or two doesn’t deter its efficiency.

2.  Washing Machines and Dishwashers

You should probably scold your kids if they left the washing machines plugged in again.

The truth is, when it comes to wet appliances like washing machines and dishwashers, they push up power consumption.

It’s advisable to get a less energy-sapping and draining dishwasher available on the market. Be on the lookout for those that are highly rated and have good reviews.

Also, you should tell the kids to lower the washing machine’s temperature. Reducing the temperature lowers energy consumption. 

3.  Lights

You might be surprised to know that electronics aren’t just the ones spiking your home’s electricity bill. Interestingly, lights take up much of your home’s energy Australia bill. Therefore, you might want to turn off the lights before leaving the room.

Replace those yellow-looking halogen bulbs with LEDs to save energy costs. LEDs are said to be cooler and warmer, giving your home a soothing yet sophisticated look.

Different light effects and light timers can help you manage the lighting expenses on energy bills.

4.  Overweight Hair Dryers

Drying your hair naturally is a good option when you’ve got to save money on your energy bills. Power-consuming appliances like hair dryers run up the money you spend on electricity.

If you’re the type that dries your hair almost every day, you might want to consider doing it with a hair dryer twice a week and naturally for the rest of the week. However, you can view this depending on the weather.

Having a hair dryer plugged in almost every day doubles how much you pay an energy bill by the end of the month.

5.  Thermostats

Adjusting the temperatures on our thermostats saves energy costs too. Getting a high-rated thermostat comes with reduced power consumption for your household. Also, you can set timers for heating too; that way, the temperature adjustment reduces the energy it demands and gives off.

Reducing the temperature of the thermostat comes in handy after colder moments.

To Wrap It Up

Some appliances in the home aren’t necessary as they increase electricity bills and have little to no use. For instance, using fancy lighting that consumes lots of energy may not be ideal if you’re trying to cut down costs. Also, if you don’t need more than one refrigerator, don’t plug in the empty fridge. Thankfully, this article discusses five energy-sapping appliances to avoid.