Off late, quadcopter drones are quite rampant. They have multiple uses such as surveying landscapes, adventure, or surveying landscapes. Drones are available in different sizes, shapes and the price differs too.

If you don`t know much about drones, selecting the best can be challenging. No doubt, you want to spend your money on a quality drone that won`t disappoint.

To make sure you shop nothing but the best, this article reviews the best drone in the market (Drone X Pro) a creation by Hyper Sis Ltd.

Drone X Pro Review

Drone X Pro features a slick design, high-tech, and a futuristic feel. It the best choice you could ever make for an adventure. It is fully equipped with great features to offer you a lifetime experience.

You can improve your social media presence by uploading mind-blowing landscape photos and group selfies with friends thanks to drone X Pro. If you are not convinced yet, you need to read this;

DroneX Pro is easily portable. You can fold it with ease if you are not flying or when traveling. This is because it has a collapsible joint amid the frames that hold the body and the propellers. Also, it`s propeller joint isn’t fixed hence the flexibility.

Thanks to its lightweight design, you can carry it wherever you want. You just have to fold it. That way, it will fit in your hand or your pocket. This is why it is considered the best drone for adventure. You can create lifetime memories from your outdoor adventures with this drone.

The onboard HD camera featuring 2 megapixels helps you take high-resolution photos. Also, it records excellent footage in 720p HD. Additionally, its amazing camera supports a maximum of 720p HD resolution. Incredibly, you can use the drone to take distance images from an angle of 1200. With a single click on the button, you can capture up to 3600 images in the panoramic mode.

If you are looking for a drone that can fly for 10 minutes or so, Drone XPro is the way to go. Unlike other pocket-size drones, this drone has reasonable flight time with a fully charged battery. It only takes 70 minutes to fully charge its battery. No worries if you are looking for a drone that can offer a longer flight time. Just carry spare batteries for this drone and you will be good to go.

The drone is quite stable thanks to its in-built advanced stabilization algorithms. That way, you will be safe in case of wild conditions. This is because the drone is made in a way that it remains stable throughout the course. Also, the altitude hold mode feature enables it to float at the same height and position. That way, you can capture excellent and timely shots.

It’s a long-lasting drone thanks to its resilient nature that enables it to survive challenging conditions. Furthermore, its collapsible propellers make it easy to carry around hence improving its safety. Its strong outer coat improves its durability.

Incredibly, you can control this drone using a remote controller or a smartphone. The remote control is one of its accessories inside the package. Therefore, you can control the drone with your smartphone whenever it`s out of sight. That way, you will get the actual FPV feed sent to your screen. Still, you will be monitoring the movement of the drone.

What are the Features of Drone X Pro?

  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight
  • 10 minutes of flight time when fully charged
  • Advanced stabilization algorithms
  • Has altitude hold mode
  • USB Cable
  • 3.7V 500mAh Lipo battery
  • Charging time 60-70
  • 50 m distance for real-time FPV
  • Black in color
  • Have LED lights


  • It’s lightweight hence easily portable
  • Can be folded to fit in the pocket
  • Highly durable
  • Good flight time
  • Takes quality photos and footages


  • Produces blurry photos if the images are captured as the drone moves

How Does Drone X Pro Work and How High Can it Fly?

This drove travels for 12 meters every second plus a two km transmission distance Also, it is controlled using the remote control or smartphone. It works by receiving instructions from either of them the drone comes with the remote control. Using the remote control is simple.

Also, the remote control comes with a support system for holding the smartphone. As a result, you can use both concurrently. So, you just have to control the drone’s flight and monitor the direction it takes while flying.

The Controller

The drone controller has 2 key control knobs. You are supposed to hold each knob using the thumb of each arm. The right side knob is used as the main direction controller during the flight while the left side knob is the throttle. If you press the throttle forward, your drone increases altitude and moves up. To descend the drone, press the throttle backward.

Note, the drone can spin on a vertical axis towards the right or left if you move the throttle towards the right side or left side.

For automatic landing or take off, two buttons are adjacent to the throttle. The key controller button controls banking to the right or left. There are other buttons on the controller on the front for accurate control of the key controller joystick. These buttons enhance accurate drone pitch and banks.

How Much is Drone X Pro?

Despite its excellent features and top functionality, this drone has favorable price tags. As indicated on the Hyper Sis website, the drone comes in different packages as follows;

  • Package one; Drone X Pro sells at $ 105
  • Package two; 2 Drone X Pro + 1 free at $209
  • Package 3; 3 Drone X Pro +2 free at $316

Note, each of the packages attracts zero shipping fee.


Drone X Pro is the best deal for beginners with less flying skills. This is because of its excellent features such as 720p HD video recording functionality.

Also, the one multi-functional key makes it easy to fly. It is the best for taking simple, quality videos and shots.

However, it’s not actually the best if you are looking for a drone for top-quality filming or production. But it’s the undeniable truth that Drone X Pro has a great camera and features compared to other drones its size.


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