The employee write up form alternatively referred to as employee discipline form is used by supervisors and managers to outline workplace incidents and violations and keep a record. Besides, this form is helpful to the employees in that they informed of the violation and confirm whether it’s well described.

An employer must have the employee write up form to enable heal deal with discipline issues related to the employee. In case of an employment dispute, the manager or supervisor is supposed to produce employee write-up form as evidence.

An employee write up form can be quite helpful only if it’s properly used. For instance, you don`t necessarily have to subject your employees to a disciplinary action instead, you can help them get back on track. Completing an employee discipline form is a standard practice that must be carried out whenever violations occur.

Where to Find Employee Write Up Form

There are multiple employees write up form templates online and they are downloadable. You just have to search for them and download a template that is suitable for you.

Furthermore, upon getting the employee discipline form template, you can always customize it to your taste and preference. Note, one template may not match all business. This is why you should customize one until it matches the needs of your business

How to Handle an Employee Write Up Form

Whenever you are filling out your employees’ disciplinary form only include the objective facts. For instance, explain the occurrence of the incident. Don`t just write down something like “the employee violated the regulations or rather they were disrespectful, instead describe the actions that resulted in the violation of the business regulations. That way, you will have credible evidence to produce if need be

Must the Employee Sign the Write Up Form?

Basically, there is no set law that dictates the employees to sign a write up form. Nevertheless, some employers insist that the employees must sign the document to prove that they received it. However, some employees are never for the idea of signing since they don`t approve the details included.

While writing a write up form, you can add a line or two affirming that your employee acknowledges the form, only that they don`t approve the content included.

Also, there should be a section for the employee`s signature. In case the employee insists on not signing the form, request them to write a denial. You can attach their denial copy to the write up form.

What are the Elements of a Write Up Form?

  • The name of the employee, National ID, and position in the company
  • Type /Category of the warning
  • The committed offense
  • Incident description
  • Improvement plan
  • Penalties of a subsequent offense
  • Section for employer and employee signature and date

Is the Employee write Up Form Worth it?

The write up forms or employee’s discipline form is crucial since they help you account for employee’s work issues. Some employees can be so stubborn and for a termination to be effected, employers are sometimes required to produce proof. The employee write up form is reliable evidence. That way, you will spare yourself the stress of being accused of wrongful dismissal.

Besides, employee write up form helps pass the warning to the employee in a professional yet stern manner. It’s an excellent way of telling them that’s it’s never business as usual. That way, they will rectify their actions to avoid losing their job. Here are other reasons;

Excellent Record For Reference

Apparently, there is so much happening in the company such that you can barely remember everything. As a result, record keeping is paramount especially when it entails an important event.

Make sure you describe the actual event instead of using a single word or phrase. Besides, well-documented incidents help incoming managers or supervisors get a clear view of the employees.

To Protect Yourself From Legal Liability

An employee write up form will protect you from legal liability in the future. As earlier mentioned, an employee can report you for mistreatment or unlawful dismissal. This may not happen immediately but it can always happen months later.

To be on the safer side, ensure you have employee write up form. Make sure that such forms are well stored in your employee’s permanent file.

Improve Discipline Among the Employees

Employee write up form will compel your employees to regard you with the respect you deserve. Besides they take your business seriously by doing their assigned duties accordingly. However, it’s upon you to define the behavior you term unacceptable in the company.

In case an employee violates any of the set rules, you can give a verbal warning in case the issue at hand isn’t so grievous. But for grievous mistakes such as embezzlement of funds or sexual harassment, threats to other employees, you can issue a termination right away.

Sets Work Standards For Supervisors and Managers

This is important especially in businesses that have several departments.  This is because the supervisors or managers will have conflicting opinions on matters regarding disciplining an employee. Conflicting ideas will only make the system look confused and less effective.

Besides, some supervisors may feel that their idea has been overlooked and this results in strained working relationships. Besides, there are lenient and strict managers. To avoid all this confusion, employee write up form is important.

Factors that Lead to Writing Up a Worker

  • Absenteeism
  • Violation of the company`s policy
  • Failing to observe the safety rules
  • Use of vulgar, disrespectful language
  • Leaking important company information
  • Insubordination
  • Laziness
  • Incompetency
  • Maltreatment of colleagues or the customers

Note, you should consider giving your employee a verbal warning before giving them a write up form.


Finally, It is important in that it helps employees to understand the consequences of misconduct. Existing employees will be committed to their work once they witness an employee penalized or terminated from work, then, they will avoid crossing your line. So, whenever you are filling out employee write-up form, make you are specific.

Also, fill in correct details of the employee and be sure to add relevant statements from a witness, and if possible your employee should sign the form. Note, always make sure you give your employee the chance to explain themselves.