Are you looking for an honest Sceptre monitor review? This article reviews some of the best scepter monitors available at favorable prices.

Sceptre monitors have upgraded in terms of quality and functionality. Also, they are wide-ranging options in the market. To make it easy for you when selecting the best, we have reviewed 4 Sceptre monitor to give you a clear view on what to expect once you purchase either of them;

There we go!

Sceptre C325W-1920R Curved Monitor

If you are looking for a monitor that delivers images that seem to wrap around the user, C325w-1920R is the monitor to go for. In our C325w-1920R scepter monitor review, we captured some interesting features.

This monitor offers extensive and immersive experience. Its Ultra-slim design allows it to take a broad view. It features comfort and protection thanks to the smooth pattern brush finish.

It has a metallic halo stand hence it’s sturdy and lasting. With a 1080P resolution which is equivalent to (1920 x, 1080 pixels expect to see a striking color and image detail on a screen of 32 inches.

This device offers the best experience. For instance, it allows you to connect with all gaming and video devices since it has Displayport, HDMI, and VGA port. It has a 5ms response time


  • Have HDMI, VGA plus DisplayPort inputs
  • Has a blue light shift that reduces eye fatigue
  • It is easy to use


  • The default settings need to be adjusted to create a pleasant black color display

Sceptre E248W Ultra-Thin Monitor

This Sceptre monitor review brings to you a striking monitor. It is an excellent deal for movie and gaming enthusiasts. It has 1080P resolution hence can deliver classic color and incredible picture detail. On a screen of 24 inches. It has a 5ms response time.

Additionally, this Sceptre monitor displays extremely clear action sequences. You are going to enjoy the VGA and HDMI inputs to connect to any gaming or video device of your choice. It is easy to use not to mention that it’s attractive with a metallic Ultra slim design. Its operating system is compatible with Windows 8, Windows, 7, Windows 10, macOS, OS X El Capitan, and Sierra.

Also, the blue light shift feature minimizes the blue light of your monitor. This will protect you from eye irritation, strain, and fatigue. That way, you will watch your movies; play your games, and much more without any stress.


  • The brushed metallic design has VGA and HDMI ports
  • The blue light shift to reduce eye irritation, straining, and fatigue


The plug comes with a huge box hence consuming a lot of space

Sceptre E205W Monitor

We could not write about the scepter monitor review without bringing Sceptre E205W MonitorIn the picture. It features 1600 x 900 resolutions thus delivering striking image picture quality. It delivers images and colors with a top degree of clarity. With a response time of 5 milliseconds, your activities on LED screen transitions almost immediately.

The HDMI input will deliver superb digital audio and video and it also connects to the Television set using a single cable. This best Sceptre monitor allows is compatible with digital and analog content. With the digital inputs, you can connect your devices to this monitor.

That way, you will get a top picture quality. There is also the VGA to connect to your laptop, TV, or computer. The said VGA input delivers amazing analog video. It also comes with in-build speakers to deliver top-level video for internet workshops and conferencing calls


  • In-build speakers and VGA, HDMI, and DVI inputs.
  • Can tilt 5 degrees forward and 15 degrees backward


  • The speakers aren`t of a superb quality

Sceptre C248b-144R 24- Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

This Sceptre monitor review features impressive qualities of a modern monitor. The monitor in question is a 24” full HD monitor. It’s curved and it’s a full package for the gaming enthusiast. It comes with a striking 144H refresh rate. It delivers great visuals.

You are allowed to decide between RTS and FPS game modes to control custom settings that improve gameplay. It has a brightness of 250 cd/m2.The Blue light shift for reducing monitor light hence protecting your eyes. The multiple ports which include Display port and HDMI ports allow you to connect the device to multiple gadgets.


Superb refreshing rate Blue light shift feature


  • It’s not ideal for Xbox systems
  • Have no USB ports


Finally, based on each sceptre monitor review, you will make a well-informed decision while selecting a suitable monitor. The above are among the best Sceptre monitors in the market. They are exceptional and deliver what they promise. They are sold at competent prices and will give you the value for your money.