Do you want to harness the power of video to grow your brand in a short time span? It is no secret that video-making has become a vital part of modern marketing strategies. Video content works like a charm for boosting online presence, which is why so many brands are leveraging it. In fact, 86% of marketing professionals have increased traffic solely with videos. 

Since the demand for visual content is rising rapidly, marketers are increasingly focusing on polishing their video-making skills. However, the abundance of competition online has made it hard for newbies to stand out. But there is no need to worry, as utilizing the right technology can ward off hassles and speed up the video-making process. 

Short and crisp videos can help you outclass competitors easily. You should consider deploying a web-based video cutter for shortening the length of videos. Besides trimming your videos, and online video cutting tool will save you the hassle of downloading software on your laptop. We will now elaborate on the top 5 reasons why video making has turned into the hottest growth hack in today’s era.

1. Videos Have the Power to Turbocharge Sales

There was a time when brands used to rely on picture-based marketing materials for increasing sales. But marketers have now started recognizing the incredible sales-boosting potential of video content. Video content that is interesting and packed with rich information can go a long way in persuading customers to invest in the services and products of your brand.

Given their power to supercharge sales, videos can help businesses convert prospects into customers with minimal effort. If you are leveraging video-making exclusively for boosting sales, don’t forget to add persuasive CTAs to your content. Emotionally convincing call-to-action can significantly improve sales a lot faster than you expect.

2. A Massive Favorite Among the Modern Generation

In recent times, videos have become a huge hit among the modern generation of internet users. People on the lookout for entertainment want their feed to brim with fun and engaging content. The pandemic-induced lockdowns have also played a significant role in increasing people’s love for online videos. Now that videos have emerged as an all-time favorite among people, marketers have a phenomenal opportunity at hand.

Brands looking to expand their reach must consider relying on video content for bolstering their marketing efforts. Video content that is created keeping in mind audience preferences is bound to pave the way for more shares and interactions. 

3. Video is a Powerful Engagement Booster

Videos give creators a special chance to engage with viewers on a deeper level. The good news is that videos perform nicely with almost all social media algorithms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform, you can hook your audience by delivering the right video content. The engagement boosting potential of video content has compelled businesses to resort to video marketing. 

Bear in mind that excessively long videos can negatively impact engagement levels by sparking boredom in viewers. This is why trimming videos to the appropriate length is a matter of utmost priority. Contrary to popular belief, the process of trimming videos is not complex at all. You can leverage an online video cutter to shorten the duration of your videos quickly.

4. Videos are Present Everywhere on the Web

The increasing popularity of visual content is another major reason why video making remains one of the best growth hacks. Given their booming popularity, videos can be found almost everywhere on the internet. A recent report has revealed that video content will constitute 82% of total internet traffic by this year. If you are an avid internet user, you must have noticed that social media is brimming with a wide variety of video-based content.

The best part is that videos gain more exposure than any other form of content online. The exposure resulting from quality video content can quickly take your business to remarkable heights. But you must add a touch of uniqueness to your videos to get them noticed on the web. 

5. Videos Remain Relevant For a Long Time

The biggest advantage of video content is that it boasts a long shelf life compared to other content forms. Videos crafted with expertise don’t lose their relevance even after years of being published. The secret behind this is the higher number of online shares that video content generates.

You can enhance the shelf life of your videos to a great extent by taking advantage of social media platforms. It is recommended that you distribute your videos across different social media platforms for ensuring lasting relevance. 


There is no denying that video-making takes the online world by storm. From product demos and tutorials to testimonials and promos, you can find video content types for all stages of your marketing journey. Marketers are keenly putting in efforts to master the art of making videos that have the potential to go viral in the blink of an eye. Video content can boost audience engagement to levels never seen before, thanks to its widespread appeal.

Apart from entertaining and educating viewers, videos can come in handy for bumping up conversion rates. Quality visual content improves brand image and enables businesses to rank higher on renowned search engines such as Google and Bing. What’s good is that you no longer have to spend hours producing video content that creates a lasting impact among viewers.

Thankfully, the advent of web-based video editors has made video making simpler than ever. With an online video-making tool at your service, you can craft remarkable video content and pep it up with effects within minutes.

Just make sure you leverage the best tech stack in the market to yield the desired results with your video-making efforts. Also, don’t forget to unleash your creativity the next time you make videos for gaining a competitive edge in your industry.