Apart from performing an Android software update, if you are still new to the world of Android, you are likely to find yourself committing some costly mistakes. Although some of the mistakes can be avoided some are unavoidable. However, it is good to learn those that can be avoided and steer clear of them.

Android is a Google-centric platform that is widely used today. Below is a list of ways to avoid costly mistakes and enjoy the maximum benefit that comes with your Android device.

 1. Your Android Device is Different from your iPhone

If you have moved from the iOS platform to an Android platform, you should not expect it to perform like in the iPhone. Android software update is also different from the iOS update.

Although your Android device can make phone calls, send and receive messages as well as checking your emails and browsing the web in both platforms, there limits with the functionality that once you go beyond, you will find that they have few things in common.

They can both help you in numerous ways but are not the same. They differ in the way they perform their operations. Therefore, if you are thinking that they are one and the same thing, it is time to change your expectations.

 2. Security is a Must

If your Android device is like mine, then you need to put a security measure in place. The reason being, I store a lot of data on my device. This data can easily get into the hands of other users who can either decide to use it to put you into trouble or even mess up with it. Why wait until it reaches this point? Secure your device now!

The best and most effective ways to secure your device is to use strong passwords, or pattern, a fingerprint, or any other important security measure that is offered by your device. Ensure your data is secured always. For your Google account, a dual step verification is recommended to ensure the maximum security of your device as possible.

3. Shun Away from that POP

There were times when I used to wonder where my messages were going, every time my emails used to vanish from my device.

Finally, I came to realize that I had set my email as a POP account and didn’t allow my phone to store emails on the server. 

This is normal especially for Android newbies, therefore the best way to overcome this is to avoid setting up your email account as a POP account although an Android device offers numerous options for setting accounts.

4. Spare Your Battery Life by Avoiding Widgets

Many Android users usually like filling their device home screens with launchers and widgets. Remember the more widgets you have on your home screen especially those that are always active, the more likely your device battery will drown easily. If you will have to put widgets on your home screen, choose which widgets are going to spare your battery life and avoid overdoing it.

5. Ignore Gmail at Your Own Peril

If you want to enjoy the features that Gmail has on your Android device, don’t overlook it. Android and Gmail are friends, they work great together.

If you buy your Android device and you find that Gmail is missing, create a Gmail account. Don’t miss the incredible features such as google play store, backup, and many other features.

Ensure to create a Gmail account on your device before any other settings. It will benefit you as you continue using your device.

6 Pay Attention to Permissions

If you have ever used an android device, you must have seen that every time you want to install a new application, your device gives you a prompt on what permissions that app requires during the installation process. Although it is good to note that the Android software update is different from installing a new application.

Pay attention to that permission since they have more information about the app you are installing. Every time you want to install an app and you find it requesting your permission to use your location and email, think twice, that particular app could be aimed to harm your device.

Although there are apps that you can allow them to use your location and your email, you should always be smart with those permissions at that particular time. Pay attention to permission warnings and know when to stop installing an app that requires certain permissions.

 If you’re installing an app that will serve as a mirror and it requires certain permissions.

7. Switch Off that Bluetooth

There is no point in leaving Bluetooth on when you actually not using it. Leaving it on will only drain your battery. Navigate to your android settings and switching off Bluetooth to avoid the headaches of recharging your device every time. The same can be said of switching off Wi-Fi when it is not in use.

8. Don’t Ignore Android Software Updates Alerts

In addition to an Android software update, Android devices will always alert you for any new update available for downloading. You should not neglect such update alerts.

The reason why your device will alert you to new updates is to ensure your device performance is enhanced and security is efficient. If your device does not warn you about available updates, you can check on your device application manager and download the available updates.


Android has beaten almost all other platforms and many people have found it as the best and suitable choice for their cell phone needs. Be smart and avoid these mistakes so that you enjoy the benefits of Android devices. To enhance your device performance as well as its security, ensure to do Android software update when necessary.