Most people go to the doctor for their back pain, and the points of pain for every person varies. There are many treatments that doctors can advise you to alleviate back pain like exercising, posture correctors, back supports, and even medication in severe cases.

Generally, poor posture is the main reason for back pain. Some people notice pain in the shoulder area, some feel pain in the middle area of the back, and some people experience pain in the lower back. To keep the working routine undisturbed people find ways that are easy and less time taking to overcome this issue.

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In this article, we will provide you a chirp wheel review based on its utility and benefits for the people who suffer from backaches.

What is a Chirp Wheel?

Chirp wheel is a medical device that is certified and approved by the health organizations of the world. It is commonly used to alleviate back pain, correcting posture, treating swollen or pinched nerves, stiffness of back /spine, and easing the tension between the shoulders.

How Does it Work?

The chirp wheel works by rolling between your shoulder blades while placing it on the ground and keeping your body well-balanced on the wheel while rolling. You must keep the wheel in the center of your back and to the specific areas where you need to relax the muscular strain.

It puts a good and enough pressure on the back muscles that are aching due to stress or any other strain. It immediately relieves pain from the muscles and makes them soft and flexible.

How to Use the Chirp Wheel?

chrip wheel

Chirp wheel is very beneficial to use for spinal issues. It elevates you slightly more off the ground and it is similar to the bioenergetics tools. It is a tool with a foam roller on the top and raises you above the ground allowing you to arch your back even more. The people who want the opening of the thoracic spine can also use this tool.

Some people do not understand the difference between the foam roller and chirp wheel. You can use it by lying down on the wheel while leaning your back and then let your body weight go on to the wheel, and extend and extract your legs.

This will help you to easily roll on the chirp wheel and let the wheel dig into the muscles along your spine that have tension and soreness. If you lower your hips and you come down to the ground with your head up, you will feel your backless sore.

You can also use the wheel while standing with the wall. Line up your back with the wheel once again, bend your knees, and roll up and down.

If you want more pressure on your back then keep your feet away from the wall but if you want a lighter pressure on your spine, keep your feet close to the wall.

Be careful because if you do not balance yourself properly you may fall, and put off your socks before starting rolling on the wheel, as socks can be slippery.


The characteristics to consider while buying the chirp wheel are:-

  • Durability.
  • Texture.
  • Firmness.
  • Size.
  • Dimensions.

Sizes of Wheels

Generally, the chirp wheel comes in three different sizes. We will describe the utility of all the sizes to make your purchase useful and easier. You can either buy one, two, or a pack of three wheels.

There is a small size chirp wheel which can be fitted in the suitcase perfectly while traveling. You can take it along with you on long and short trips. It is suitable for the relaxation of back muscles while standing with the wall and small spaces. The diameter of the smaller one is 6-inches.

Medium and larger sized chirp wheels have similar functions, they work very efficiently on your back but more on the hips while lining up the wheel with your spinal canal.

These sizes provide you a deeper stretch than the smaller ones. The diameter of the medium and larger chirp wheel is 10 and 12 inches respectively.

At first, you will get some problems balancing your body on the larger size chirp wheel. This observation is based on the users’ comments. But when after some days you get used to it, you will find enough relaxation and comfort for your back.

Features and Benefits of Chirp Wheel

The chirp wheel has three different sizes for less, moderate, and lighter pressure for your back and spine. You can use this wheel as a back cracker and designed to provide you relief from back pain so that you can perform the activities that you love. It is simple to use and does not require any effort at all in assembling and dissembling.

The width of the wheels is 5 inches that fit between your shoulder blades hitting the hard-to-reach areas of your back.

It is capable to carry 500 pounds of weight on it because it is a strong and light wheel for rolling your back on. Its exterior is 20 mm thick and makes it super comfy.

It ensures less pressure on your spine and more pressure on your muscles or wherever you need it. The grooves around the canal protect your muscles from being over-stretched. It can stretch your back muscles in 4 different ways.

The chirp wheel is designed ergonomically that does not affect your body as it does not contains PVC and other components that can hurt or scratch your skin.

It is just like the self-massager tools that you can use easily and conveniently by yourself at home and take it anywhere you go. It reduces the back and lumbar pain very quickly and the additional benefit is that its manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product and its benefits.

Three highly functional sizes.Difficulty in balancing in the few sessions at first.
Ergonomic.Not as wide as a foam roller but works more effectively.
Provides 4-way stretching.
Strong built-up.
Improves the mood.
Sweat-resistant and odor-free.

Final Words

From the above chirp wheel review, it can be concluded that this product is worth buying to get rid of the occasional and chronic back pain and spine issues. This product from plexus is available on Amazon. So, without any delay go and pick this great solution to your back problems.