By 2023, eCommerce sales are expected to be over $6.17 trillion. That’s equivalent to 22 percent of global retail sales. The growth of eCommerce stems from the fact that over 81% of shoppers research products online before purchasing.

That could only mean that businesses without a web presence are missing out, and therefore they may not survive the competition. Besides, customers expect to find business content online. If they can’t find you online, you’ll lose their trust. Thus, your business credibility will be at stake.

One of the most effective ways of boosting your online website is by having a website. Your prospective customers will get to know more about your business through your website.

Here we’ve discussed how a website can help you attain a competitive edge.

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Reasons For Setting Up a Website

 Improved Online Presence

If you have a business website, you’ll be accessible to your customers 24/7. You’ll acquire new clients even during odd business hours. Besides, your customers will enjoy the convenience of getting the information they need about your company on the go. Plus, you’ll not lose your loyal and potential customers to your opponents for being offline.

 Increase Web Traffic

You’ll experience increased web traffic as more people learn about your business. Because you’ll be targeting a specific audience, there are higher chances that you’ll get increased traffic on your side from qualified leads.

Improved web traffic translates into more leads, and your audience will stay longer on your site. You can achieve this if your website is SEO-optimized, has useful content, and is easy to navigate.

Boost Credibility

A business website is an integral part of any business. That’s because customers expect to find details about your brand online. You need to prove to them that your business is reputable by establishing an online presence. Today, modern customers do not only disregard businesses that have no physical address, email address, or contact but one without a website too.

However, just setting up a website isn’t enough. You need to make sure the website is easy to use, answers their questions and loads faster. If they get a great experience on your website, they’ll assume it’s the same case with all aspects of your business.

Great Customer Service

Through your business website, you can connect with your customers and address all their concerns. For example, you’ll include the Frequently Asked Questions section to provide answers to common questions. By doing so, you’ll save time and money, and you’ll have a big platform to provide as much information as possible.

Furthermore, you can respond instantly to your customers through the chat system. Plus, you can include positive testimonials to lure more customers. Keep in mind that customers search for previous clients’ reviews on websites before deciding to shop from you.

Brand Recognition and Brand Visibility

Whether you are running a big business or a startup, you’ll reach more people if you have a website. Through the platform, people will learn about the existence of your company and its activities. They’ll also get to know how the business can be of use to them. If your customers find useful information on your website, they’ll share it with your neighbors, colleagues, relatives, and friends.

Want to Create a Business Website?

Finally, most people use their smartphones to search for products and services online. Now that over 6.648 billion people worldwide own smartphones, there is no reason why you should not have a business website. It’s the only way to get your brand out there. An active website will help improve visibility, boost web traffic, improve credibility, and position you as an expert in your field.

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