Your golf swing is highly dependent on your golf shoes. Believe it or not, but your shoes can influence your swing to the point that makes them critical to your success on the course.

Because of this, you want to find the right golf shoes to invest in. That way, you can find shoes that compliment your swing and your overall style of play. If you are partaking in a bit of night golf be sure to find your favourite glow stick golf balls at Premier Glow.

Picking The Right Fit

Now that you are aware of how important your shoes can be to your golf game, we will be going over several tips that you can use to identify the right shoes.

Here are some of the most important factors that you should be considering when buying golf shoes.

1. Spikes or No Spikes

This is something that generally comes down to your personal preference. For some, they might prefer having the added stability of having spikes. Whereas, others might want to have greater flexibility and movement that shoes without spikes provide.

One of the main considerations you should be making when you are choosing between the two would be the types of courses you play on and their respective condition.

If you are someone who plays on a lot of poorly maintained courses, you’ll likely want spiked shoes.

Whereas, if you are playing on properly maintained courses, you might be able to get away with using spikeless shoes with greater comfort.

2. Fabric

Another major consideration that you should be making when you are trying to identify the right shoes would be the fabric. You want to get shoes made up of the right materials and fabric. Breathability is an important consideration for your comfort level on the golf course.

In general, you’ll likely be playing in hot to moderately hot conditions. Therefore, you will want to identify a shoe that is breathable and comfortable to wear.

3. Stability

Another major factor that you should be considering would be the stability of the shoe. You want to try to find an extremely stable golf shoe because it can enhance the quality of your swing.

You don’t want your foot losing stability during your swing or else it could throw your entire swing off. Try to find a shoe that keeps you properly balanced for the best and most accurate swing.

4. Flexibility

While you want to maintain a high level of balance and stability throughout your swing, you also want to have enough flexibility that will ensure your movement isn’t being restricted.

Because of this, you should be looking for a shoe that provides enough flexibility and freedom of movement to ensure the shoe is comfortable to wear on the golf course.

5. Comfort

This is one of the primary considerations you should be making when buying any type of shoe. This is especially important when you are buying a golf shoe.

After all, you will be wearing it for long periods. You will either be playing 9 holes or 18. Likewise, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. You want to find something you can comfortably wear for long periods.

6. Stiffness

You will find stiffer shoes will offer more structure and more stability. Therefore, you do want to factor in the stiffness when choosing if you value having more stability for your feet. You also want to weigh your comfort level and the flexibility you are sacrificing for the stiffness.

For some, having stiff shoes can provide better structure and support that yields better results on the golf course. For others, having a flexible shoe is likely to result in better play. You want to find the right kind of balance for your swing and your golf game.

7. Weatherproof

You are likely going to be playing in less than stellar conditions at times. However, not everyone is going to go out to play golf in unfavorable conditions. This will depend greatly on whether or not you play in wet conditions. If so, you might want shoes that are waterproof to keep your feet dry.

8. Price

The price of the shoes is an important consideration to make. After all, you don’t want to go over your allocated budget for golf shoes. While they are important to your game, they aren’t worth going into debt for.

Luckily, you can find good quality golf shoes on every budget. Look for golf shoes that fit your buying criteria that are available within your respective price range and you should be able to find the shoes that provide the most value for the money.

9. Style

You need to find shoes that match your style preferences. There are plenty to choose from. You should be able to find a pair that looks great on your feet.

However, never prioritize style over the other factors when choosing golf shoes as the function of the shoes is much more important.