The year 2022 seems very promising when it comes to technology and advancement, it is true, but some old things will still prevail. One such amazing thing is the TSP cleaner, which has been a great support for home keepers and cleaners for quite a while. 

If you do not know then in this article, you would come across a few incredible qualities of trisodium phosphate that are making this compound a unique inorganic chemical available for your help in various chores. 

Before we start, let us give you a short introduction about the compound, so that you must know why you will use it, where, and how. 

So the trisodium phosphate is a neutralized salt, which is created with the reaction of an acid and base, however, the nature of this salt is more neutralizing, and in many situations, it is being used as a neutralizing agent. Read more about TSP cleaner for a better understanding.

Now, we believe that we must first tell you about the probable damages through this compound so that you should know how to use it without getting in any type of trouble. So the first thing is, it is highly toxic, so you must keep it away from the reach of your children. 

Swallowing it in a huge quantity can lead to severe health issues. Additionally, whenever you would be using this crystalline salt, you should wear gloves, as it is reactive and you may get an allergy as a result. 

Lastly, it is not very eco-friendly, thus, one should only use it whenever there is a dire need. Otherwise, you should look for some other alternatives. 

However, if you feel that you need to use another chemical which is more harmful to the environment, then it will be wise to choose this one. 

Now coming towards the uses of Trisodium phosphate. It is generally used as a cleaner, but this is not it, as there are several other benefits too. Let us tell you each one of them. 

For Preserving Frozen Food 

We all love to have a nugget or sausage every other day, however, it is somehow not possible to get a fresh sausage that frequently. That is why we get frozen food, but have you ever wondered what they use to keep that edible for that long? Well, in most cases it is the TSP. They sprinkle a pinch or two of TSP to keep the frozen food edible. 

Cleaning Tough Stains Off Your Clothes 

If you are unable to clean some very stubborn stains from your favorite T-shirt, then it is time to use a powerful compound like trisodium phosphate to get rid of it. All you need to do is sprinkle a few particles of the mentioned compound on the stain, and within a few scrubs, it would be wiped off. 

Increasing Shelf Life 

It is also believed that trisodium phosphate is a great moisture-retaining agent, so if you have some food items that you need to stay on your shelf for a season or two, like pickles then you can add a small quantity of trisodium phosphate, do not add too much only a small quantity would be enough. 

Neutralizing Food 

Whenever we keep a food item for a longer period, then chances are that it might go stale. It is only possible when the acidic or alkaline PH increases. Luckily the trisodium phosphate is very neutralizing and it will make food last edible for a longer period. 

Cleaning Mildew in Garden

You cannot stop fungi from growing, but you can control them by using various types of chemicals. Thanks to the trisodium phosphate, all you need to do is cut the grass first and then sprinkle the salt. Remember to cut the affected grass properly with a sod cutter, click here to learn more about the use of sod cutters and their types. 

Cleaning Cement 

Another way to use the trisodium phosphate would be cleaning the tough cement stains that we often get while renovating and building the house. If the same has happened to your house, then you must try using trisodium phosphate as it will clean those stains easily.