Have you bought a router and looking for clever, cool, creative, interesting, and funny WiFi network names? If yes, then you are in the right place. After getting a new router, the first step is to change the by default and picking a good name for your network, or in other words, it is also called SSID (Service Set Identifier).

Since your WiFi will be visible to everyone in your area so it needs to be funny and creative which makes your family, friends, and neighbors laugh.

Here are the best WiFi names and at the end let us know which one you like the most in the comment section.

Funny WiFi Names:

  1. Don’t Click It’s COVID-19
  2. Beggars Gonna Beg
  3. Move On
  4. Not the WiFi you’re Looking for
  5. Get off my LAN
  6. Hacker Stay Away
  7. Spy
  8. Untrusted Network
  9. Click here to Download
  10. This LAN is my LAN
  11. No Internet Access
  12. Connected, Secured
  13. Who Pooped in the Pool
  14. Definitely it’s not a WiFi
  15. Escaped Nigerian Prince/Princes
  16. You Fart Pretty Loud
  17. Nacho WiFi
  18. Mom Use This One
  19. No Baby It’s My LAN
  20. Loading
  21. Searching
  22. Almostdone
  23. Connecting…
  24. Get Your Own Damn WiFi
  26. Virus Infected WiFi
  27. Password is Password
  28. Password is 123456
  29. No Free WiFi Here
  30. 404 WiFi Unavailable
  31. The Creep Next Door
  32. 99 Problems but WiFi Isn’t One
  33. Accessed Denied
  34. Stop Being a Mooch
  35. Girls Gone Wireless
  36. Free Public WiFi
  37. This is Not Free Either
  38. Click to Share Your Photos
  39. Spying on You
  40. No WiFi for You!
  41. I’m Cheating on My WiFi
  42. We Need Toilet Papers Plz
  43. Click Here for Viruses
  44. I’m Under Your Bed
  45. Connection Lost
  46. C:Virus.exe
  47. Setting Up
  48. Go and Take Money from Your Dad
  49. UnderCover Police Van
  50. We’re Watching You
  51. Your Password is Hacked
  52. Ready to Mingle
  53. A LAN Down by River
  54. Try at Your Own Risk
  55. Error in Connection
  56. Connect and Die
  57. Bluetooth
  58. Give me Kiss and Get Password
  59. Hack Me If You Can
  60. Don’t Even Try It
  61. My Own Damn Internet
  62. Will You Marry Me?
  63. Weak Signal
  64. Click to Connect
  65. Hi Sweetheart
  66. You are My Crush
  67. First Pay [Number] then Use
  68. It Hurts When You Ask Password
  69. I’m Too Sexy
  70. Password is Your Name
  71. It Burns When IP
  72. Network Not Found
  73. CIA
  74. 1234SorrySorry123456
  75. Bandit Had To Deal Drugs
  76. Naked WiFi
  77. Malware Detected
  78. Virus Detected
  79. Webcam Hacker
  80. NoYouDont
  81. FBI Surveillance Van
  82. I Hate My Neighbors
  83. Only a Fool Click this One
  84. NSA Surveillance WiFi
  85. Do Not Use
  86. Clean Your Glasses
  87. Virus Transmitting WiFi
  88. Free WiFi
  89. Google Free WiFi
  90. Get Your Own WiFi
  91. Not for Humans
  92. Guess Where We Live
  93. Wife Vs WiFi
  94. Don’t Try It
  95. I Married My WiFi
  96. Fuck Off and Die Soon
  97. Call Me Darling
  98. Free Virus
  99. And Don’t You Come Back
  100. The Password Is…
  101. RIP Net Neutrality
  102. Who What When Where WiFi?
  103. JackPott
  104. Printer Only
  105. Daily Bread
  106. Witness Protection
  107. Your WiFi My Kids
  108. Surveillance Van
  109. It’s a Small World WiFi Internet
  110. Get Your Own
  111. Double Click to Connect
  112. Happy WiFi Happy Life
  113. Very Slow
  114. FBI Van
  115. $2 Per Hour
  116. Panic at the Cisco
  117. WiFight the Feeling
  118. Fourth Floor WiFi
  119. The Internet
  120. Clever WiFi is Clever
  121. Please Wait
  122. You Will Regret This
  123. Reserved for Guests I Hate
  124. ##########
  125. Unlimited Free Internet
  126. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  127. No More Mister WiFi
  128. LAN Solo
  129. Silence of the LAN
  130. House LANister
  131. The LAN Before Time
  132. Text ###-###### for Password
  133. Test WiFi Please Ignore
  134. Ye Olde Internet
  135. Making WiFi Great Again
  136. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  137. LAN of Milk and Honey
  138. Cut Your Lawn
  139. Drop It Like Its Hotspot
  140. Go Router Rangers
  141. IP Steady Streams
  142. The Promised LAN
  143. Slower Than Yo Momma
  144. The LAN of the Free
  145. Click Here for WiFi
  146. Jump on the Bandwidth
  147. Bandwidth on the Run
  148. Untrusted Network
  149. If I Had Your WiFi Wouldn’t Need Internet
  150. I left the Seat Up
  151. Byte Me
  152. Keep It on the Download
  153. Trust in God but Protect Your WiFi
  154. Lag Out Loud
  155. WiFi Fever
  156. Now You see me
  157. Cut the Wire
  158. Russian Hackers
  159. The Force
  160. That’s What She SSID
  161. E=MC Square Dance
  162. A long Time Ago
  163. Forest Moon of Endor
  164. Never Gonna Give You WiFi
  165. Upload the Rain Download in Africa
  166. You Click, I Pay
  167. Capture the Lag
  168. Iron LAN
  169. Spider LAN
  170. Slave
  171. You Can’t Touch This
  172. You are My Lover
  173. Super Rude
  174. Log in Here
  175. I Can Hear You Farting
  176. Free WiFi Just Kidding
  177. I’M Robot
  178. Wide World of Web
  179. Password is PooPoooo
  180. Would You Like to Eat Banana?
  181. It’s Only for Me
  182. Network Error
  183. I am Mark Zuckerburg
  184. WiFi Islands
  185. WiFi Throne Needs Password
  186. Who the Hell are You?
  187. I don’t know What is Password
  188. Attention
  189. I am Donald Trump and I am Not Funny
  190. No Password Needed
  191. We Like When You Watch
  192. Password is shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  193. Hide Your Wife oh Sorry WiFi
  194. Global Hackers
  195. Warning Stay Away
  196. Steal WiFi
  197. Cyber Security
  198. We are Anonymous
  199. World Hackers Club
  200. Tharki

Hope you like lots of Funny WiFi names please let us know which one have you choose for your network name.

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