As early as 1800, crisps first appeared on the menu. They were introduced by a chef gone rogue ready for revenge, which backfired. He dries fried thin slices of potatoes until they become brittle and crispy.

To his astonishment, the diners loved it, and boom a new snack in town. Since then nutritionist and kitchen department have been working together to provide healthy crisps to our ever demanding palettes.

Crisps have been gaining popularity, and an astonishing number consumes more than any other snack. For long, researchers have confirmed that crisps are associated with a dose of high calories and cardiac-related complications. Old folks say that where there is a problem, there is a solution.

Food developers and nutritionists have come up with ways of ensuring your health is on the upper hand as you enjoy your delicious healthy crisps. What do you look for in a savory pack of healthy crisps?

Natural Ingredients

Most people love to keep it natural. Staying natural is very simple, as well as beneficial. Snacks like crisps are easy-to-go foods that carry a dose of troubled recipes.

Packed with harmful fats that promote cardiovascularly, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, etc. complications must be avoided without a second thought. 

Natural recipes contain natural and mouthwatering ingredients such as vinegar, chilies, etc. promote your health, and you will surely stay away from the doctor.

Healthy crisps contain natural additives that meet your dietary requirements that will improve your health. If you want to keep the doctor away, make sure you check the “natural” label on your favorite crispy chips pack.

Saturate Fats

Its a tasty, glossy, and dangerous formula. These are a deadly collection of health hazards. They are found in a list of food we eat. Crisps and other snacks have an additional dose of these life-threatening doses. Therefore saturated fats must always be kept on the lower side.

Several brands of crispy bites have started avoiding saturated fats due to their bad reputation. This is a bold move. To make sure your health is on the upper side, stick to such brands.

Check out for crisps that have low saturated fats. For your information, you should stick to less than 20g of saturated fats a day.

Less Salt Healthy Crisps

Without it, we can’t survive. We consume salt literally in every food. Crisps take more substantial quantities of salt to make its inherent flavors to shine through. This is not good. Since most people have a taste of these tasty morsels, then we consume salt on the excess.

Excessive consumption of salt poses an anti-health. This good if consumed in small quantities, but the harmful compound is camouflaged in many tasty crisps. To avoid excessive intake of spices, check out for salt-free crisps.


For crisps to be delicious and flavorful, sugar is added. Healthy cells require sugar for optimal functioning. Less than 30 grams a day will keep diabetes away. Since crisps carry more than enough sugar, then they take lots of sugar. Consuming high quantities of sugar is harmful to your health. Controlling sugar intake is the most crucial part of any dietary laws.

 Crunching the right nutritional numbers, healthy balanced diet, and less sugar intake, you don’t have to avoid crisps on your shopping list. As you scan for your favorite crisps brand, make sure natural sugar or less sugar is included on the nutritional grid. Remember, if taste well with less sugar, eat it.

Eating good food is the best thing you can ever do for your health. Healthy crisps are one which is considered as good food. Sometimes you can run several chains of food stores or supermarkets looking for most tasty yet obeying dietary requirements; it’s challenging. What is available is one that breaks every rule of life.

To avoid such snacks making a way into your body and corrupting your system, control intake. There is no harm when you reduce the consumption of such crisps.


Next time you proceed to check out a pack of your favorite crisp brand, check out for: is it low in saturated fats, how many grams of sugar does it contain, how salty is it, what about saturated fats. If you check out all this stuff, you are on the right side of dietary law.