Having the right insoles and shoes can provide people with high arches with the proper support and cushioning. Although many individuals who have high arches do not have any specific symptoms, other people might suffer from foot pain (metatarsalgia). Custom orthotics, cushioned shoes, or insoles can help with this problem.

High Foot Arch Problems

When you have high arches, your feet do not absorb the shock that comes with each step as you are running or walking as much as normal arches do. The arches of your feet work as a natural shock absorber that flattens as it comes into contact with the ground.

However, high rigid arches do not flatten enough, and not as much of the foot comes into contact with the ground with every step. This results in more strain being placed on the heels and balls of your feet. High-arched feet are medically referred to as cavus foot 1.

Individuals with high arches may be prone to such overuse injuries as plantar fasciitis and shin splints. They might develop hammertoes and calluses. A good way to ease the pain associated with such problems is to invest in Orthotic Slippers.


High arches can be an inherited condition. It can also develop due to nerve or bone conditions at any point in your life. If you are in pain or have a hard time standing, running, or walking due to having high arches, you definitely should visit a doctor to determine what underlying conditions might be contributing to your problem. You might be referred to an orthopedic medicine specialist or podiatrist.

You can usually tell visually if you have high arches. When you stand, an individual who is looking from the side at your foot will be able to see that there is more than a regular amount of space in between the floor and bottom of your foot – it appears hollow.

You can also conduct a wet foot test. Set paper out, wet your foot, and then stand on the paper. If your feet have high arches, less moisture will appear in your footprint in between the fall of your foot and heel than the average individual does.

Footwear For High Arches

Since high arches do not absorb as much shock with every step, search for running shoes and walking shoes that are well-supported and cushioned. There is extra shock absorption that is built into cushioned athletic shoes. They might be classified as cushioned shoes or “plus” at running shoe stores.

Search for shoes with more volume, since more space is needed inside the shoe by high-arched feet. Specialty running shoe store staff will be familiar with which shoes contain more volume. Or you can try shoes on to find this out.

When shopping for shoes online this is not a characteristic that is listed. There are no substitutes for locating your area’s best running shoe store and having an expert fit you. 

Unfortunately, many athletic shoes do not have real arch support built-in. In order to get the proper support for high arches, you might need to purchase arch support as a replacement for the insoles in the shoes.

Lacing techniques can also be used to make sure you don’t end up with a numb foot or pain from the pressure exerted by the shoelaces. A wide-foot lacing technique can be used by skipping every other eyelet in order to reduce the amount of pressure being exerted on the top of your feet.

Orthotics and Insoles

Arch support insoles, in addition to cushioned shoes, can help with distributing the impact of every step. The first solution that is often used by individuals with high arches is off-the-shelf arch supports as their top self-treatment method. A variety of them can be found in your drug store’s foot care section.

There are some athletic shoe stores that provide custom mold insoles for your feet. They provide people who need t with semi-custom arch support. One brand is Footbalance. They also offer a model that can be warmed up in your oven at home for your own custom molding.

If you would like expert advice to help you find the best insole, search for a podiatrist or an ankle and foot specialty store like the Foot Solutions chain. Their experts will conduct an analysis on your feet, by measuring the pressure on the various parts of your feet while you are standing. They can modify or recommend shoe inserts without having to go for fully custom orthotics. Usually, the analysis is free.

At Dr. Scholl’s kiosks, there is automated foot mapping available. They can be found in Wal-Mart and many drug store chains. Foot analysis and foot mapping are also done at the Walking Company stores.

They also have semi-custom 3D3 insoles for various types of feet. In addition, they have dress shoes and B.I.O. System sandals that have built-in orthotics for different types of feet. 

A Solution for Painful High Arches

It is important to prevent foot pain and find a solution whenever it develops so you can enjoy living an active lifestyle.  See a podiatrist or doctor if your feet are in pain and you do not get relief from using insoles and changing your footwear. You might have an underlying condition that is causing your pain.

An ankle and foot specialist can provide you with such solutions as custom orthotics that can be made for you to correct your individual problem. It is good to invest in medical help if foot pain is preventing you from being able to enjoy activities.