Facebook is a world of opportunities. Look what’s at your fingertips – almost everything; it’s a way to communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and relatives living far away.

Facebook has added too many features like messenger, video, and voice call options convenient to use and communicate with people at long distance.

There are so many badges and awards introduced by Facebook to appreciate the users. Pages/groups are created on Facebook to connect and communicate with thousands of people, and the most active members get the award in the form of a top fan badge.

This Badge makes your profile highlighted on the page, everybody will know your name, and Facebook will call you a valued commenter. 

We will now explain what you need to know about getting a top fan badge and how do you become a top fan on Facebook. 

How Do You Become a Top Fan on Facebook

how do you become a top fan on facebook 8 ways

If you have a Facebook page that you follow, like, and want to be a top fan and get the Badge whenever you post a comment.

Here, we will explain how you can succeed:


Make comments as much as you can. You can like the comments of other members too, and reply to their comments, but commenting like, “Oh what a great post” or “Oh here is my link” are useless and do not help you become a top fan. You probably get banned/ignored

2. Check Page Criteria

The page has to fall under some criteria, so try to follow the page that falls under the top fan option. Maybe they don’t know how to turn it on, or they just never looked for this service, and some people even don’t know that the option of a top fan is there. 

3. Switch to other Pages

Some pages do not want to get messy with the top fan badge feature, so they first turn it on and then turn it off due to the problems they faced. Therefore, you can look up the other pages you can follow and become a top fan. 

4. Do not ask Admin for the Badge

If you think that my friend runs the page, I will ask him/her to award me a top fan badge. It does not work this way because the page’s Admin cannot select and nominate people for top fan badges. The Facebook admin does it.

5. Share Posts

Simply follow and like the page and become active on it by sharing a lot of useful posts on it daily but, remember, you can get banned from the page by posting irrelevant videos, images, and comments.

6. Follow Low Competition Page

You can try to follow the page where there is an average number of members. If there are many members on the page, there would be so many comments and a lot of posts. The chances would be less that you will get a top fan badge. 

7. Be Social

It would help if you had to be very social and interactive with the people following the page. As we all know, becoming a top fan is all about being in the limelight so, effective communication with the people on the page is useful and a must.

8. Be Real

Making fake profiles, commenting, and sharing posts also don’t work. There are some rules of making a good profile with complete personal information on Facebook that you have to follow. You must be a real person with a real personality and total input.

Final Words

From the answers mentioned earlier, you must have a clear idea about becoming a top fan on Facebook. You cannot get the Badge in a few hours or a day.

A tireless effort and struggle are required to become a top fan on a Facebook page. So, what are you waiting for?

Just follow a real page with your real profile, and become active as much as you can by sharing posts, liking others’ posts, commenting positively, and pray to get highlighted.

Hopefully, Facebook will recognize your hard work and efforts and award you the top fan badge.