There are so many myths about mobile phone batteries. However, most of the stories out there are not true. There have been many myths about mobile phone batteries and some of these misconceptions lead people to do things that are not worth doing in the name of prolonging their device battery.

Below are some common myths about mobile phone batteries.

1. Mobile Phone Batteries Have Memory

Is it true that mobile phone batteries have memory? No. this is not true. However, people used to ponder that batteries had to be trained so that they can be fully charged.

In fact, people would use their device’s batteries until it is empty and then charge it regularly. It was thought that for a battery to be recharged, it must be drained completely even if it was about 60%, it would not be plugged in for charging.

This was done because people thought that as they continue doing this, the battery would develop memory and accept for just a percentage of the charge.

However, this is untrue. If your battery is about 90%, you can charge it since a regular battery charge does no harm to your battery.

2.  Never Use Your Device While it is Charging

This is another misconception about mobile phone batteries. People seem to feel that using your mobile device while it is charging will cause problems on the quality of the charge the battery gets.  

Using your phone while it is charging causes no negative impact on your device and it has no problem with the quality of the charge the battery of your gadgets gets.

Unless the quality of the knock-off charger is low, the charge of the battery will remain the same regardless of whether you are using it or not while charging it.

Note that, even if you are not using your phone, there are a lot of background data operations that usually take place especially for Smartphone users, so this is just a misconception. There is no negative impact on playing around on your gadget while it is charging.

3. Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS Will Make Your Battery Life Last Longer

No. Not at all. The only time when Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS will drain your battery is when you turn them on and they are in use. Having these services on when you are not using them will not drain your battery, although many people used to believe this to be true.

These services use just a little percentage of your device which can not totally drain your battery in a day. To prolong your mobile phone battery, you can decrease your screen’s brightness.

4. You Should not Use other Chargers to Charge Your Battery Since they Will Damage Your Battery

This is, of course, a misconception that still exists up to date. People think that off-brand chargers will ruin your battery but this is false.

However, some off-brand chargers may take some time to charge your battery but they will not ruin your battery provided the charger is working well.

You can charge your battery with any charger that fits with the device instead of using the factory charger that you bought with the device and it will cause no harm to your battery but make sure the charger is specifically for that device, else you might get a 10-minute charge and enjoy a 2-hour battery usage.

5. Switching Off Your Device Can Harm Your Battery

No. this is also a myth. There is no truth about it. Although, turning off your device can drain your battery and this is obvious but it will not damage your battery.

In fact, it is good to turn off your device once in a while. You can decide to turn off your device and take out your battery if you like. No damage will get to your battery.

Therefore, always give your Smartphone a break by shutting it down once in a while a day.


These are just a few of the most common misconceptions that are widely thought of by mobile phone users. In fact, also, the tech-savvy people think that these are true about the device battery.

The list is not comprehensive, there are many other common myths that you will come across in forums and in your day to day mobile phone usage.