The market has several office phone systems with each provider claiming to be the best. This may give you a hard time when selecting the right office phone system. In this article, we are going to dig into best VoIP phone services and their impact to make it easier for you when making your choice;

Basically, you should go for a VoIP phone service that features quality calls as well as improved general customer service. To land a quality VoIP system that will take your business, customers, and staff to the next review, stay glued to the end. 

What do You Understand by VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over the Internet Protocol) is a business phone system. The phone system relies on an active internet connection to make and respond to calls. Every office needs a quality phone system to enhance the effective running of office operations.

The best thing about having a reliable office phone system is that it offers advanced communication features that will improve your business. Besides, the system allows you to run your business on any device and from any place.

For instance, you no longer have to stay glued to your desktop phone waiting for customers or colleagues to call. VoIP phone system enhances flexibility provided you got a reliable internet connection. Whenever you are out of the office, you can receive calls from your customers on your mobile phone.

How Phone Systems Work for Clients

Customers always expect to get the best service. The kind of service you offer determines whether you get happy repeat customers or not. To maintain excellent service, you will need a VoIP phone system. However, you have to go for modern versions of VoIP.

To satisfy your clients, you have to meet the following conditions;

  • Excellent communication connections
  • Rapid response to emails and chats
  • Functional support system
  • Several customer support channels
  • Fast retrieval of client’s information

For a small business, you can rank high only if you put the necessary measure in place. This includes buying an excellent business phone system. You should keep in mind that customers are after top-notch services. Therefore, you should be able to offer that.

Impact of Office Phone Systems

The office phone system is a key determinant in the success of your business. For instance, it determines whether customers are satisfied or not. Excellent communication is a key factor since it improves interaction and customers get the information or the assurance they need.

In business, the most useful platforms are emails, SMS platforms as well as phone system solutions. Therefore, when buying a VoIP phone system, you have to verify its quality.

It should be able to improve interaction in the business without any hitches. So, if you don’t have faith in your business phone, it’s the high time you disconnect and bring a functional system.

Best VoIP Service Providers

Regardless of whether you are running a small business or a multi-billion business, good communication with the customers is paramount. Communication improves your business and creates a great impression on your customers. To achieve that, you have to switch from your conventional telephone system to modern VoIP service

.The modern office phone system feature gives manager ultimate control over the business irrespective of where they are. Additionally,, the system is user friendly.

Here is a list of some of the best VoIP service providers to consider;


Nextiva is an excellent platform that will unify communication in your business. The platform will transform your prospective customers into repeat happy customers.

Nextiva is reliable in that it allows you to continue with your business activities in and out of office. Location can no longer limit what you do for your business. That means that you can complete business projects from your smartphone in the comfort of your home or anywhere.

Nextiva promises exciting business tools that will keep your business ahead of your opponents. It offers such items as hold music, call routing, and video conferencing.

At the time of writing, Nextiva’s VoIP service starts at 20.00 dollars per user monthly. Adding more users entitles you to a favorable deal.

Jive Communications

This platform aims to make call monitoring, phone line management plus conferencing setup simpler. It is considered as one of the best VoIP services since it improves communication.

Also, it enhances the interaction between the team, customers, and employees. If you are looking for a system that will integrate video, mobility, and voice, the Jive communications platform is something to go by. It costs around $19.95 to 29.95 per user every month. The price is bound to change once you add more users.

8 x 8,Inc

8 X 8 focuses on providing you a solid excellent communication system. It is simple and works pretty well. The platform offers effective and intelligent solutions to keep customers well connected. With this kind of service, you can rest assured of solid business relationships and a growing number of loyal customers. This one goes at $25 per user per month. It offers several pricing options depending on the subscription plan.


If you are longing for a change to your business communication system, Dialpad is a great deal. It offers several options for connecting with your business clients. It will support your business in multiple communication ways such as Messages, video, voice AI among others. That said, it’s worth buying and it sells at $25 per user per month.


This is an incredible phone system that integrates team messaging, video conferencing, and voice into one excellent communication system. RingCentral is a goddess as far as technology is concerned.

Given their expertise, this system is worth your attention. It boasts of such features as screen and file share, video calling, real-time messaging, and so on. With these features, you will be able to interact and make deals with your customers from any place.

In fact, Ring Central provides top international video conferencing. This feature enables companies to have face-to-face meetings. This one sells at $19 per user per month.


Finally, with the stiff business competition, you have to find ways to survive or rather to outdo your opponent. There is no better way to do that than finding a reliable office phone system. Any of the above-mentioned providers have what it takes.