What is a .THM File?

A file is a thing that contains information such as text, images, music, or videos. The .thm files also known as JPG thumbnails is a tiny file that converts larger images into small images in a gallery to display it,  usually in digital cameras or GoPro mobile apps to save images and videos.

The .THM files are also known as JPG thumbnails. THM files is a data format that is commonly used to save theme files.

Most Commonly Used .THM File Extensions

Every file has its file extension. File extensions help windows to choose the right program to open the appropriate file. 

Different types of extensions are used for different types of files for example:

               .pdf for text

               .mp3 for music

              .mp4 for video

              .jpeg for images            

Similarly, .thm for thumbnail file.

Here we are going to discuss commonly used 2 types of .THM file extensions:

1. Thumbnail Image File

A .THM file extension for images represents tiny icons of images captured by digital cameras saved as samples in the photo gallery.

The programs that open these image files in windows include Microsoft Photos, Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer, and ACDSee Photo Studio and also opens on Mac devices using Apple Preview.

2.  Thumbnail Video File

The video recorded in the digital camera generates a small image of the clip this tiny image of a video clip is a .thm file. The saved video in this type of file can be imported into the computer using the software.

All the THM files can be shared with a similar filename of its AVI (associated video clip). Such as,”image01 .thm” is shared as “image01 .avi.”

The programs that open the THM video files in Windows include Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop 2020, and Sony picture Motion Browser other than Apple Preview and Adobe Photoshop 2020 in Mac devices.

3 Easiest Steps to Open .THM Files

Step 1

Select the .THM file icon and then double-click to open the file instantly.

Step 2

In case of step 1 doesn’t open the file it means you need to install the software program to open yours.THM file. Consider anyone from the list:

  • Thumbnail Bitmap Image
  • OpenOffice.org 1.1.configuration File
  • Olympus Digital Image Thumbnail

Step 3

For instance, if none of the above-mentioned programs works then download File Magic. It is a super-easy way to open a THM file or any kind of file.

The Universal Way to Convert THM File

To view the standard size of the image it is important to convert the.THM file into. JPEG file. Follow the instructions below for hassle-free conversion:

  • Go to Internet Explorer.
  • Go to the Menu bar, click on “File” and select “Open.”
  • From the pop-up box click “Browse” and select your file.
  • Choose the file name and click “OK” to open.THM file.
  • Select the image and right-click on it to open a menu.
  • Now click on “Save picture as” to open a box
  • Click on “Save as type” and select the “.JPEG(*.jpg)” option.
  • Change the name of the file as you like and click “Save.”


Finally, we aim to educate young minds by providing them with useful and compact to the point information.THM files, these thumbnail files are commonly used for images and videos and are the smaller version of the larger image or clip.

However, a.THM file can be viewed directly because it is most probably saved using JPEG format but in another case, these thumbnails are easily convertible to “.jpg file” to view the full-size image by following the above-mentioned steps.

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