When did Sunshine Health Began?

Sunshine Health was initiated in 1949 by Ellen C. Craig given that she cared for other people. Her inspiration was to offer a safe, caring, and loving environment for people who could not live on their own.

The facility was started out of the vision of Ellen as a mission. It allowed the homeless to join and they advanced their lives after living there.

The people were unable to live by themselves due to injury, illness or other medical complications. 

Currently, Sunshine Health has become the most trusted health care provider for skilled nursing, health, senior housing, rehabilitation and memory care alongside behavioral health treatment.

The facility is located in Spokane and has an exemplary reputation for health. Sunshine Health is committed to ensuring that their care is treated with respect and dignity.

What Treatment Approach Do They Use?

Sunshine Health uses a patient-centered approach to treatment. This approach focuses on the patient and their well-being. The method focuses on the diagnosis, reflects on the patient’s unique preferences, needs and values.

This approach is based on the relationship between the patients, their caregivers, physician, and the medical staff. The facility puts the patients as their top priority.

Sunshine Health is committed to providing quality housing and medical services to the people with care and efficiency.

Their main goal is to offer personalized services regarding life enrichment in the best setting to bolster people’s independence and aid them to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Services Offered at SSH

Sunshine health offers a wide range of services to their clients including, nursing care, senior care, therapeutic rehabilitation services, dementia care, Alzheimer’s disease and treatment for mental illness. The facility is equipped to meet the particular needs of the patients and the residents at large.

Rehabilitation at SSH

On most occasions, it is challenging to offer rehabilitation therapy at home. This is the reason as to why Sunshine Health chose to for therapeutic services to people within the facility.

It offers rehabilitation services to people recovering from various types of surgery including, illness, knee replacement, accidents, and orthopedic services.

The rehabilitation services offered at the facility aims at increasing functional independence and preventing further action.

Additionally, it is aimed at improving the quality of life of the patients. The facility has both occupational and physical therapists who help with a range of motion, strength, and mobility.

Sunshine Health also has speech therapists who strive to promote communication skills and increase the swallowing skills of the patient.

The therapists in the facility specialize in therapies and treatment for orthopedic injuries, post-stroke care, joint replacements, cardiac care, weakness out of illness, surgery, and accidents.

Their services are personalized to meet the need of the patient and their abilities are aimed at helping the residents to attain independence fast.

They offer excellent nursing services. Health practitioners are available at the facility five days a week.

The facility provides a caring environment for optimal healing. They have professional chefs who offer healthy meals. The chefs work together with various dietitians who are higher registered for maximum nutritional health.

Sunshine health has various programs aimed at keeping the residents active. These activities include music, art, community celebrations, and discussion groups. Other programs are aimed to keep mental health and restorative nursing.

Sunshine health is a Christian health care provider. Apart from offering medical services, it offers chaplain services aimed at meeting the godly needs of the community. The facility strives to offer the best care standards with respect and dignity.

The medical social workers and discharge planners helps various families to connect with the community. The facility offers rehab which allows home safety visits before discharging patients.

Through this, it ensures that all the required tools and equipment are purchased when the patient goes back home and ensure their safety during the transition.

Memory Care

Sunshine health offers medical solutions to dementia care, Alzheimer’s disease and memory care. It offers life changing services to people suffering from memory care.

It is noted that a decrease in the mental health of an individual negatively affects their safety and their daily lives.

Dementia refers to a decrease in the mental ability of an individual. It goes to an extent whereby it hinders the daily life of an individual. It leads to troubling behavior like incontinence, agitation, sleeplessness, and repetitive speech.

Sunshine health cares for people with the above by helping them to concentrate on their actions and help them to effectively complete their tasks.

They also engage and keep patients with dementia to have an interest in the world around them. They help them to thrive in a comforting and safe environment.

Sunshine health team works towards providing a safe, caring and secure and caring environment to the patients suffering from dementia. They focus on the individual strengths of the patients and celebrate their success.

Treatment Plans

The treatment plan at Sunshine health is customized such that it meets the needs of every patient. Having time with a therapist alleviates mental health signs and help the patients to understand their diagnosis better.

This is achieved through personal counseling, training, education, and various community activities. The staff at Sunshine health works closely with the residents and the patients.

The medical team has an outstanding professional treatment history in helping patients to overcome their life challenges.  They encourage patients to live a holistic and productive life.

During the time in which the patients spend at Sunshine health, they work with a psychiatric nurse and psychiatric practitioners, various mental health professionals, and social workers who help them to live a quality life.

The treatment team at Sunshine health has a goal of helping every patient and resident to recover and return to a healthy and independent life.

The staff has the responsibility to take care of and educate the residents on various topics like mental illness, medication, and treatment plans.

Sunshine health is a facility that is proud of the services they offer to the residents. It offers the highest standard of care with respect and dignity.

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