Hello everyone, we will learn the most commonly used verbs that start with D in this article. We will learn daily use verbs here and learn how to use them. 

As we know, verbs are something without which every sentence is almost incomplete. Plus, it adds more value and sense to the sentence when added. 

So, let’s learn them and understand how and where to use them.

1. Damage

The meaning of damage is to cause damage, injure or harm, reduce the value or usefulness.

We can use the word damage in a sentence like “The accident last night which happened on the highway, damage the car.”

2. Dance

The meaning of dance is to move one’s body in rhythm.

We can use dance in a sentence as “She and her friends dance very well.”

3. Dare

The meaning of dare is to have the boldness to try, to challenge a person of courage.

We can use dare as “His friends ask him to call Shweta midnight as a dare.”

4. Decide

The meaning of the word decide is to determined or settle, to bring (a person) to a decision.

We can use decide word as ” Her friends help her decide the best solution to this problem.”

5. Declare

The meaning of declare is to announce officially, proclaim, reveal.

We can use declare as ” Protestors declare that they will not go home soon.”

6. Decline

The meaning of decline is to withhold, deny consent to do something, refuse.

We can use the word decline like “There is a decline in the number of cases reported daily this month.”

7. Decrease

The meaning of decrease is to make less, cause to diminish.

We can use the word decrease as ” In last two years, there is a decrease in the number of students in schools due to covid 19.”

8. Dedicate

The meaning of the word dedicate is to devote fully.

We can use the word dedicate in a sentence like ” Husband should dedicate his life to his wife and vice versa.”

9. Defeat

The meaning of defeat is to overcome someone, win someone.

We can use defeat as “The US defeat Japan in world war 2.”

10. Defend

The meaning of the word defend is to ward off attacks, guard against assault or injury, to protect by argument.

We can use defend like “China successfully defended the most medal tally in Tokyo Olympics.”

11. Define

The meaning of the word define is to explain or identify, to determine or fix the limits.

We can use define like ” He defines all the equations in his chemistry class very nicely.”

12. Delete

The meaning of the word delete is to remove, cancel, erase.

We can use delete in a sentence like “Teachers delete all the unnecessary files in the computer.”

13. Deliver

The meaning of the word deliver is to carry and turn over something to someone.

We can use deliver in a sentence as “Zomato claims to deliver food in only 30 minutes to your doorsteps.”

14. Demonstrate

The meaning of the word demonstrate is to describe, explain, illustrate something.

We can use the word demonstrate in a sentence like “Rahul demonstrate the whole idea of this project very briefly.”

15. Deny

The meaning of the word deny is to refuse to agree, to withhold the possession.

We can use the word deny as ” They all deny to participate in the annual program this year.”

16. Derive

The meaning of the word derive is to obtain from a source, to produce from another.

We can use derive like “Scientists derive petrol and diesel from crude oil.”

17. Describe

The meaning of the word “describe” is to indicate, be a sign of


We can use describe in our sentences like ” Doctors at AIIMS describe covid 19 very well.”

18. Deserve

The meaning of the word deserve is to merit, be qualified for, have a claim.

We can use deserve as ” Sneha and her group deserve to be the top team this tournament.”

19. Destroy

The meaning of the word destroy is to put an end, to kill, to defeat someone or something.

We can use destroy like “Russia destroy the ISIS petrol stations to weaken them.”

20. Detect

The meaning of the detect word is to discover or catch, to discover the existence.

We can use detect word like ” The metal detector detects metal when anyone passes through it.”

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