AWS S3 Alternatives for Enterprises that want Object-Based Storage with Similar Features

Object-Based Storage

Considering object-based storage for your enterprise data is the first step towards modernizing your organization’s infrastructure. While most leaders and organizational managers prefer the Amazon S3 software solution for moving their data to the cloud, it isn’t the only storage solution available.

Dozens of storage solutions can be used as an alternative to Amazon S3. The question that arises here is how to pick the right software for your organization’s needs.

This article highlights the top alternatives to Amazon S3. Let’s get started.

Top Alternatives to Amazon S3

●     Azure Blob Storage

You can’t discuss cloud solutions without discussing Microsoft. Azure Blob Storage is a Microsoft-powered object storage solution that allows you to store huge chunks of unstructured, raw data which can then be accessed from across the globe.

By default, the storage solution creates a minimum of 3 different replicas of the data and all of these are secured with the best security protocols in place.

What’s fascinating about this storage solution is that it enables the creation of data lakes with ease and precision. The data stored can then be used for analytics and reporting purposes. Furthermore, it helps optimize the data to boost performance and enhance scalability.

 ●     Google Cloud Storage

Following on from Amazon and Microsoft, we have a Google cloud storage solution. If you have a huge quantum of data that you want to store affordably and reliably, Google cloud storage is the best bet. The solution is compatible with the majority of ETL tools which makes it even easier for your data managers to shift data to the same.

 It can extract data from all sources and consolidate it under a single head. The pace at which data is loaded and then retrieved is extremely fast. It utilizes top technologies such as ML/AI to further accelerate the process of data storage, ingestion, and retrieval.

●        IBM Object Cloud Storage

Next, we have the IBM object cloud storage solution. As a cost-effective model that offers scalability in storage and reliability of data, IBM object cloud storage is an excellent alternative to Amazon S3. 

The solution is supported both within your on-premise architecture and the hybrid cloud environment giving you the ease to customize it to your specific needs.

With high bandwidth, fast retrieval, and a range of other storage solutions, the IBM cloud solution won’t disappoint in terms of features and functionalities. You can choose from the public, private and dedicated cloud, implementing the solution across multiple regions.

●     Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Next on our list is Oracle cloud solutions. If you are looking for a versioning feature or a solution that replicates the data to multiple locations, Oracle Cloud infrastructure object storage solution is the best bet. It provides ease of storage and database access for all companies irrespective of size and type.

Pricing set by the software is also within an affordable range and mid-sized companies can start small and then escalate to premium packages.

Seems enough? Or, looking for another alternative? 

How about having an object storage solution that allows you to have your data distributed at multiple locations? Not sure what this means?

●     This Brings Us to Our Choice of Object Storage Solution, Tebi

Why Tebi?

Tebi stands for Towards an Even Better Internet. Tebi is one of the first geo-distributed storage solutions. It provides its users with flexibility and scalability. Before getting into the details, let’s understand the geo-distributed storage better.

 Organizations that target customers from across the globe require a storage solution that can guarantee delay-free access to data. While centralized servers work flawlessly, the access time increases when the location of the user is far away from the server. Caching might help but the overall quality still suffers.

This is where a geo-distributed storage solution comes into play. Tebi allows you to store data and then replicate it at different locations (2 and more copies).  

It adds to the bandwidth while eliminating the limitations imposed by centralized data servers. Tebi enables you to start with a basic package and then extend your storage space as and when needed.

Integration, support, and compatibility with S3 tools are a plus to the list of features. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tool, Tebi comes at an affordable price.


You are now aware of the different storage solutions and the alternatives to Amazon S3. Based on your requirements, list of offerings, space, and budget, you have all the information you need to purchase the perfect tool to fit your business.