Once a person hits 50 years, the retirement age starts knocking. That`s the time it dawns on many that they need to look at the best places to retire.

However, a higher percentage of people start planning their retirement as early as thirty years. Whatever the case, it’s never too early or too late to find the best places to retire.

This article simplifies everything by analyzing some of the best places to retire across the world.

In some countries such as the United States, seniors retire at 65 years but some extend these years to 72 or so. Still, there is another class of people who are working around the clock trying to amass assets and invest more to retire early.

Thanks to technological advancement, more jobs that earn people’s passive income have allowed people to retire earlier.

After retirement, you should lead a comfortable life and much better than your working days. You don`t necessarily have to spend lavishly, instead, you should settle for an affordable yet classic place.

9 Best Places to Retire are Discussed Below;


This is the best place to retire. The place is well-packed with modern and developing cities and exciting historic sites. The uncrowded beaches will impress you not to mention the beauty of the rugged mountains. Also, the people in the area are friendly and very welcoming.

More developments are still underway. The area takes pride in its strong economy and functional health system. Besides, the region has good roads hence you won`t have a problem moving from one place to the other.

The main motivation in the area is its low cost of living. For instance, 2 people can live a good life in the most affluent cities for $1500 per month or less.


The last thing you need is stress and noisy places after retirement. This is why you should consider settling in France after retirement. France is an epitome of beauty. Everything that defines affluence and good life is available.

Living in France offers you an opportunity to enjoy mouthwatering foods, sweet wine, cool-climate plus uncontaminated countryside.

Also, the community boasts of a great culture, top-class health services plus a rich history. On top of that, you will get the privilege of seeing the intriguing Paris city.

The cost of living in France is affordable and you won`t have to put up with inflated water and electricity bills. All your expenses will be within the normal range.

If you will be moving in with your partner, the least you can spend in a month is about $2,000-$2,400 monthly. This includes rent, healthcare, and everything.


If you are the kind of person who long to live in an area surrounded by beaches, Spain is a great deal. It’s indeed the best place to retire. If you are the kind of person who long to live in an area surrounded by beaches, Spain is a great deal. The area is defined by spectacular beach destinations and top-class Western European standards of living. 

You will enjoy the place even more if you have a little knowledge of the Spanish language, especially when touring the area. But if you don’t know any Spanish, don’t worry.

There are multiple beaches you can hang around since they got English speaking communities. The friendly and lovely Spanish community will blow your mind.

They got inspiring cultures and the place is a beehive of activity thanks to the sudden boom in developments.

You will enjoy the warm climate and an inexpensive lifestyle. You are going to look even healthier given that Spain is a giant country in the production of fruits and vegetables.

The latter has multiple health benefits that you don’t want to miss. With only $2,500 a month, you can settle in any of the highly esteemed parts of the country.


Malaysia is a full package of serene beaches, incredible islands, and thrilling ancient rainforests located in Southeast Asia. This place will make you feel at home and forget your past miseries if any.

Malaysian law resembles the British system and you won’t have a problem driving around the area. This is because the road signs are in Malay and English language. English is considered as a primary non-official language. Therefore, you won’t find it hard to interact with people.

The place has multiple and cheap Chinese restaurants. The place is more than affordable. With only $1800 per month, you can live in a place of your choice comfortably.

Besides, Malaysia has a reliable healthcare system. Healthcare services are affordable even to the laymen. Numbers cannot exhaust the number of outdoor activities you can engage in.

For instance, if you never get enough of white sand beaches, Malaysia has over 878 islands to select from. The country enjoys pleasant weather all year round. So, Malaysia is one of those places where you will literally age gracefully.


Do you want to reside in a place that has warm weather throughout the year? Or do you want a place with a moderate climate? Ecuador has different places with varying climate.

It all depends on what you really want. It has what it takes to be termed as the best place to retire. The place has a name as one of the best places with a good climate under the sun.

All this is because it’s strategically located. It’s near the equator, thanks to Humboldt Current it experiences freezing sea breezes.

Also, there is the Andes mountain range plus the Amazon basin. All these contribute to the different climates in the region. Ecuador’s natural beauty will take you by surprise and the rich indigenous Spanish culture. The lifestyle is classy yet affordable.

Despite your low budget, you are going to live a good life in Ecuador. If you like, you can buy of one the magnificent homes in the best parts in the country or you can rent a 2 or 3 bedroom with less than $500 per month. You are going to look prettier after eating excellent food grown in the healthy soils of Ecuador.


One of the reasons why you should retire to Colombia is the spring weather witnessed all year round. It offers a modern-world quality of life. In the list of countries in the world, Colombia appears in the second list as the biodiverse region where you can find an environment and climate that suits you.

For instance, the best place to retire to is to the charming Caribbean coastal Cartegena or Santa Marta cities if you love hot, tropical climate. If you want to spend your remaining years in a region with a temperate climate, you can live in the Coffee Triangle of Manizales, Armenia, and Pereira. The place features a green mountain setting.

The locals are friendly and they will always make you feel like one of them. The cost of living is affordable but it varies from one region to the other. Colombia has a series of entertainment activities to ensure none of its residents ever turns into a sadist.


If you want to enjoy picturesque Caribbean beaches and top-class health care services, Mexico is an excellent choice. It has more to offer than what meets the eye. It’s beautiful, warm, and rich in almost everything.

For instance, it has fertile soils and an unpolluted environment not to mention the majestic mountains. The deserts are amazing and have multiple small but developed towns and stunning cities.

So, if you are dreaming of living in a classic home featured with green gardens and good looking, well-scented flowers, Mexico is an excellent deal.

It showers its residents with cool air, steady views, and mind-blowing views. Despite being a highly developed country, its cost of living is incredibly low. The country offers residents with a national healthcare plan.

So, once you are granted a residency permit, you can just sign up and all your healthcare services will be catered for. In general, Mexico is a warm country with snow only falling on topmost peaks.

Costa Rica

Costa-Risca has always been in the heart of most visitors. The region boasts of an affordable cost of living, low-cost medical care not to mention the striking natural elegancy.

Their peace-loving culture has been the reason behind the solid democracy and top-level security. The place is peaceful with intelligent leadership.

After your residency permit is granted, you will be required to pay a small fee to subscribe to the socialized medicine program.

The country has offered quality health services and has numerous private and public hospitals. With about $2000 per month, you will be able to live in the country comfortably Costa Rica has an exciting history and a rich stunning culture.

The communities in the county love outdoor activities hence you will have a long list to choose from. The best part is that they dislike processed foods due to their associations with many health defects. So, you are going to enjoy healthy foods that will take your health to new heights.


If you have a modern taste and want the best place to retire that’s not so far from the United States, then Panama should be your choice. The place is warm, sunny. They use the US dollar as their currency with a very low tax burden. The region has a large population of people using the English language.

Panama is a home for giant industries. Exciting beaches and glorious cities have their roots in the region. They value entertainment activities to keep residents in good moods.

Therefore, you can never lack something to do in Panama. The vibrant, loving communities will leave you wondering why you waited so long to join them.

Also, the cost of living is affordable. Besides, the country has attracted attention thanks to the Pensionado program for retirees. This program offers retirees to several discounts and pension.


Finally, these are just a few of the best places to retire. Either of these will offer you top class living standards at an affordable cost. Life after retirement should be free from hassle and stress. The above countries will help you achieve that.