Set Up a Computer Network

Numerous small business owners are not setting up a computer network since they think that set up is a thing for those who know more about technology. However, this is totally false.

A business can benefit a lot by setting up a computer network in their offices and by so doing, the cost of expenditure is minimized. Any business person is thinking of the best way to increase productivity and reduce costs.

To achieve this, one can evaluate where to optimize time and reduce unnecessary costs, and switching from an individual workstation to a computer network in an office plays an enormous role in optimization.

Today, it is hard to find an office with many employees that are not working on a computer network system as a result of the numerous benefits and extra savings a computer network offers as mentioned below.

1. Office Equipment Sharing

At every office, there must be computers and printers as well as other devices. When an office sets up a computer network, the need to buy separate equipment for each user is eliminated.

Take for example an office where there are more than 5 users, buying every user, equipment separately such as a printer, a desktop, and a scanner is costly which can be overcome by sharing all the devices on a computer network.

Additionally, in an office of about 5 users where some of the staff only use their computers for a few hours in a day, there is no need to buy a computer for everyone, instead, a network can be established to allow staffs to gain access and use any computer while maintaining the privacy of their information.

Although this requires a powerful and expensive printer to complete the workload, it is still cheaper to use a shared printer on a computer network that connects each user with a separate printer to every computer in an office.

2. Easy File Sharing

Have you ever needed to get a document saved on another computer? How does it feel to access the data when the office doesn’t use a computer network? It feels boring.

Let’s say, for example, you are working on one document and you are more than three employees, to access the document you must copy the file to a USB or burning it on DVD and then transfer it to your working station. This can be a time-consuming exercise. By setting up a computer network, it becomes easy to share data with every member of the organization.

The document is uploaded in the file server and every member of the organization can access it and by setting up constraints on who can access the files, you can ensure that the data is only accessible by the people you want.

That saves a great deal of time.

3. Set up of Computer Network Helps in Communication and Teamwork

Teamwork is effective if each team member knows what the other is doing. A computer network allows team members to share files, see what other people are doing and also exchange views more proficiently.  There are numerous teamwork tools available that can enhance productivity as a result of working on a computer network.

For instance, a single Ms. Various users can access and modify the files easily. However, the users must have access permission which requires one to either use a password to access the document or any other restrictions that are set in the shared document.

This makes it easy for a supervisor to make the necessary corrections on the document from any location while at the same time, employees can watch the changes being made.

4. Easy Remote Access

Ever found yourself in a situation where you want to work on a file from home but you couldn’t since the file is saved on the office computer? A computer network can help you overcome such situations.

Setting up a computer network allows greater flexibility while retaining the same level of efficiency. Since the file is online you can easily get it from your home computer, laptop or tablet while on the fly.

With remote access in place, employees are able to work on the same documents, data and reply messages even when they are out of office. Additionally, the remote access feature also provides you the option to allow employees to work from home.