Stress management is very important if you want to lead a healthy life. Managing stress doesn’t come naturally; rather it is a skill that you have to develop if you don’t want to get into a sad corner of life.

We are living in a world of negativity and minor things around us can affect our mood and ruin our day. So the best way to save yourself from these mood swings and stress attacks is by managing your mood.

Today stress management has become very easy and this is all thanks to online tools and applications.

In this three-minute guide, we are going to tell you about the best apps that can help you manage your stress and also in getting rid of depression

There are tons of antistress apps and tools listed on the internet but not all of them can be discussed in one post. This is why we have listed out the most perfect options for those of you who want to get rid of stress immediately!

Anti-Stress Apps For Reducing and Managing Stress Thoughts!

Here are some of the online apps that we would suggest you download and try on your devices:

Antistress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game

This anti-stress games application belongs to CA apps which is a popular app development platform. One should know that in this antistress application you are going to find more than thirty different games which you can play for stress management. You can download this calming games app on your android devices for free from Google play.

There are tons of antistress game and calming apps available on the play store but this application has gathered fame because of its multiple features:

  1. Realistic brain exercises because of 3D graphics.
  2. Mind freshness digital toys like the Fidget spinner.
  3. High-quality relaxation sounds.
  4. Mission and puzzle games for engaging and training the mind.

Top 7 Apps to Manage and Reduce Your Stress

1.  Breathe2Relax

This is another smartphone application that can help you release stress from your mind. Breathing is known to be the best exercise to release the stress of the mind and this application would help your mind and body go through these exercises.

This antistress app is developed on the basis of a documented stress management skill and so the results you would get by using this app are quite promising.

2.  Pacifica

This stress management application is known to be best for training your mind and body for deep breathing and relaxation.

The app provides daily lessons/training plans for the body along with the mood tracker tool that can help you track your progress and stress level.

The muscle relaxation exercises are very effective and you can release stress from your body in less than minutes with this app. 

3.  GPS for the Soul

This application is another popular choice when it comes to managing stress. This application would ask you multiple questions about your state of mind and on the basis of your answers, it is going to, first of all, determine the level of stress in your body and would then provide your proper meditation solutions for managing stress.

The meditation tools offered by this application would use pictures, images and music content for releasing all the tension from your mind!

4.  Happify

This brain training antistress application is going to provide you day to day activities that would help you combat all sorts of negativities from your mind.

You can easily release all sorts of anxiety and stress if you hook up with this application. The working of this application is quite interesting as it works on fostering empathy, gratitude and other positive traits like this in your mind!

5.  Stress Doctor 

Stress doctor is another online application that can be used for managing stress. This antistress app is also based on breathing exercises that you can take up without seeing any actual doctor or Yogi.

One should know that this antistress app shows real-time results for the effects of the exercises on your body and mind. 

6.  Headspace

This online application is not only known as one of the best anti-stress apps but is also known as a gym membership for the mind. You can enjoy a complete series of guided meditation sessions and train with headspace.

This application can be used for free but with some restrictions. If you want full-fledged services of the app then you have to connect with the paid subscriptions.

7.  Pocket Yoga

This application as the name tells us is known to be best for digital yoga sessions. If you cannot afford to get into a professional yoga class and want to get rid of stress from your body by doing Yoga then this is the right application for you. You can start yoga from the very basics and can reach up to higher levels in very little time with pocket yoga!

These are some of the best stress management applications that you can find on the respective application stores!

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