Do you have an interest in reading free animation software? I will talk about the top eight best free animation software today.

This animation software provides users with an opportunity to prepare animation movies or images in the simplest way possible.

I would like to add that this animation software with the help of technology incorporates numerous useful utilities including 3 D animations too, moving tools in diverse formats, picture animating tools and many other useful tools.

For animators, with this software in hand, you can make animated videos professionally.

No matter you are an Expert or a Biggnnar, this great free animation software will ease your animation project apart from other tools.

Today there are many animation software available which you can download for free.

In this write-up, you will be able to learn about the top 8 free animation software you can download on your Windows PC.

1.  Anim8or

This is our number one and the best free animation software that offers numerous features. Anim8or is an incredible software that can be downloaded free from the internet on your Windows PC.

This animation app provides animators with an opportunity to draw background create and animate words, incorporate sounds et cetera.

This software has the functionality to publish your animated stuff to this software easily. it is designed with various features like making complete functional movies or anything else, on the other side, it doesn’t offer user interface like advanced software.

2.  Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro is awesome free animation software for animating images easily. Anybody can download its free version to check its features and functions, i.e its paid software.

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro is a useful animation software that allows you to morph pictures and advanced animation effects.

3.  CreaToon

CreaToon is easy to use software that lets you create 2D animation in cut out style and incorporate many special effects into your animation.

Its interface appears simple and obsolete; CreaToon can perform some of the sophisticated animation projects that can yield awesome results.

This free animation software displays menus on all sides of the task to enable quick access to the main features.

In most cases, it is an animation software in which you can use advanced features easily and effectively no matter if you are a first-time animator.

4.  FotoMorph

FotoMorph is incredible free animation software for Windows OS. It has many features that modify and enhance the quality of your animated pictures

FotoMorph allows real-time creation of animations with a user-friendly that allows animators to create funny animated pictures.

5.  Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic animation paper is the best 2D free animation software you will ever enjoy using it which provides an opportunity to access simple-to-use and advanced tools to transform your ideas into eye-catching cartoons and animation in 2D for no alteration.

It is a user-friendly software for fast and captivation solutions part of being instinctive.

It has incredible features like sketching space that allows the addition of colors to the sketch, adjusting the frame size, and more things.

6.  Anime Studio

Expert animators should use this software because of its functionality. If you are a pro in animating and you want to get the best quality animation software, this app is for you, ensure to download it on your Windows PC.

A trial version of this software is available in almost all software sites.

7.  Sqirlz Morph

In windows operating system you can use it for free!

Sqirlz Morph is an easy-to-use animation software that allows animators to edit or morph pictures and videos in the simplest way possible.

8.  Blender

It is the free animation app for professional animators, video gamer professionals and the students of respective fields in the world!


The list above is not comprehensive. There are many free animation software available on the web today. If your software is missing in the above list, you can try to check it on the web.