How to choose a device to play computer games? Where should you play your best computer games and what considerations should you keep in mind?

Computer games are video games which are normally played using a computer. There are other media that can be used to play games but the most widely used is a PC or a computer. Most of the time people who are unable to pay for the other gaming console opt for a PC for its affordability.

If you have your best computer games and you are thinking of what system to use for playing, a PC will help you.  When buying a computer to play your games, you need to put into consideration some important factors which are mentioned below.

How to Choose a Device to Play Computer Games?

1.  Your Spending Power

A gaming computer is just like any other investment you can ever do in your life and so, you must identify the amount you are planning to spend on it.

Once you decide the maximum figure to spend, you will have made the process of purchasing, a simple one and it will open doors for you to list all the components to be incorporated in your gaming computer and which ones are unnecessary.

However, you should ensure your gaming computer will accommodate all the features of your best computer games since different computers have different features and these features must be compatible with your games.

When deciding your budget, you must ensure to be clear on what models to buy depending on the amount you have in hand. For instance, if your budget is below $1000, you should not bother going for dual GPU computers.

2.  Storage

When considering the storage, you will have to choose between solid-state or hard drive. However, your decision here is simple, when your only aim of purchasing a computer for your gaming purposes, a solid-state will be a good choice.

Solid-state drives are sold at a higher price than regular hard disks, but they are more beneficial since they offer quick boot time, they load games faster, they also consume less power and are quiet.

3.  Your Best Computer Games Taste

Here, you must be clear on the types of games you are fun of. This is important as there are computer games that occupy a lot of RAM, a high performing processor, and better graphics such as first-person shooter games whereas others require less of these. It is good to note that a better GPU is a must for hardcore 3D games.

4.  Display

When we talk about the display here, it is primarily about your gaming computer graphic card. You must understand that any gaming computer requires a high-end graphics card, therefore, ensure to choose a computer that is designed with a good display and a high-end graphics card that will not stretch your budget.

However, when deciding your best graphics card, it is also important to understand that our monitor is also capable of supporting your graphics card.

In fact, it is advisable to buy a mid-range graphics card and fine-tune your game settings to fit appropriately.

5.  Memory

When it comes to the memory of your gaming computer, an 8GB RAM is recommended. The latest motherboards on sale today are dual-channel and have numerous memory slots where you can upgrade your RAM even after buying your computer with a small RAM.

However, the recommended memory space for your RAM should be 8GB at most if you have a 64-bit version OS, but you can insert a more spaced RAM if you wish, depending on your budget, although, 8GB of DDR3 RAM is sufficient to accommodate your gaming requirements.

6.  CPU

The CPU, also known as the processor is an important factor to keep in mind, although it should not eat up your mind as you think which gaming computer to purchase. If you intend to use your computer as a workstation PC with video and editing software, then the six-core processor will be perfect. Otherwise, cut back in this area and use it to put toward high-end graphics or a solid-state drive.

7.  Power

This is a crucial factor that must not be overlooked also. A hardcore 3D gaming is bound to require more power that is why a 500 W power supply is recommended. Buy an able power supply unit based on its rating and you are good to enjoy your best computer games.


We are sure that after reading this content you must got an idea for how to choose a device to play computer games.