Are you wondering where and how to find your best computer games? You should not worry about that. Computer gaming still exists and is here to stay. Whether you have money or not today you can enjoy your favorite computer games.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best computer games, some are free some are paid computer games so you have a choice to make regardless of whether you have the money or not.

1.  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

This is our number one on the list of the best computer games. This game is not new so you could have heard of it. Also known as PUGB for short, this game comprises of numerous shooters. The shooters are placed on an island where they engage each other in a fight to the death. The winner is then left alone. This game is simple and you can learn to play with friends easily.

The good thing about PUBG is that it is not centered just on the combat. A player will spend quite a little time shooting which is very risky as you can be shot easily by your opponent.

Here you spend more time looking at your surroundings, searching and stealing from the surrounding buildings, and ensuring you are not shot at.

Although there are vehicles to battle around in some top gear to collect, your only responsibility is to avoid being killed. This game can be purchased online also.

2.  TERA

It stands for The Exiled Realm of Arborea and is an enormously online video game that was developed by Bluehole Studio. TERA was launched in South Korea on 25th January 201, in North America on 1 May 2012, and was also released in Europe on 3 May 2012 where closed and open testing was done before it was released.

Since its release, This game has been a backbone in the MMO stable for a long period of time. you can play it for free online.

3.  Guild Wars 2

This is the third in the list of the best computer games. You can play a massive chunk of it without having to pay.

4.  Crossout

The fourth best computer game is Crossout which involves a vehicle racing combat MMO in which you craft strange cars and then drive them into the war together with other players. You can play this game for free also.

5.  War Thunder

The fifth game on our list is War Thunder that does not limit you from choosing between level-headedness or convenience.  You just need to download it and you start racing or flying. This hugely-multiplayer WW2 combat game smoothly includes all of the detonations and pleasure that planes and tanks are capable of generating. The War Thunder can be played for free.

6.  World of Warships

This computer game is designed with simple controls that are easy to use; however, it encompasses some exciting tactics. It’s more fun than Total War’s meditative naval activities, definitely friendlier than Silent Hunter, and far, far cavernous than the Pirates games. Astonishing profundity, if you’ll excuse the submariner humor. This game can also be played for free.

7.  Runescape

This is an older computer game but it is leading, as the largest MMORPG ever, and is the most modernized game. This game is designed with a huge player base and an enormous, ever-developing world to discover, full of encounters that you can choose for your own wellbeing. Runescape can also be played for free.

8.  Duelist

Duelyst is also another computer game that is available for free and supports a free-to-play card game which is an incredible approach to gamers. This game is also incredible in that it offers a spacious grid straight out which enables players to move their card game around the board freely.

9.  Star Trek Online

Enjoy control of a starship and discover the fringes of the galaxy engage dangerous strangers and train an elite crew of pangalactic experts with Star Trek Online.

10.  Warfare

This is also a swift action military snipper, which doesn’t require realism. Warfare allows you to collaborate with your crew in urban dangerous battles and slides down on your arse while shooting with your gun.