If you are wondering how to cite a website with no author APA, no worries this article will help you understand how to go about it. No author name has been listed, then you can attribute the source to a particular organization. For instance, an agency report, charity press release, or a company website page. In such a case use the name of the institution/organization as the author in the in-text citations or reference list.

However, citing a website without an author is based on the citation style you intend to use. But the basic rules are constant. Basically, if no author, it’s advisable that you first list the title of your webpage. Below is an illustration on how you can cite a webpage if no author is using the three prominent citation styles which include

  • APA style
  • MLA 8 Style
  • Chicago Style

APA Style

APA style is a format or writing style used in academic documents which include books as well as scholarly journals. This style is simple and excellent for using in-text citations and referencing. Apa In-text citations you need to include the author-date reference citation format in the text accompanied by a reference list. 

How to Cite a Website with No Author Apa? this is What You do;

Webpage title/ article (Year, Month then Publication date). URL

For example

USA: Citizenship requirements. (2020, April 26) Retrieved from https://www…..

We are going to focus on the APA style in detail later in the article.

MLA 8 Style

Generally, most web resources need citations. You can use MLA 8 style to cite your web page. 

To use MLA 8 Style in Your Website Citation, You Will Some Information Such as;

  • The name of the author
  • Individual page
  • Website title
  • The publisher`s name
  • Publication date
  • URL

But the big question arises when you don’t have the name of the author and still want to use MLA 8 style. In such a case, you are supposed, to begin with, the title of the article/individual webpage. The website title follows Publisher`s name, publication date, and finally the URL.

So, the Structure is as Follows;

“The title of an Article/Individual Page”, Website Title, Publisher`s Name, Publication Date, URL.

 Chicago structure

You can always reference a website using the Chicago structure. And as usual, the basic citation of a website entails the name of the author, followed by the title of the page, the title of the website, web address as well as the date accessed.

Here is an Example of How it Looks Like;

Last Name of the Author, First Name, “Title of the page.” The website Title, The web Address, Date Retrieved.

Generally, the first name of the author is reversed and a comma is placed writing down the last name. A period is placed after the first name. Affiliations or titles related to the author are not included. But what happens when there is no author?

If So, You Can Begin the Citation with the Owner of the Website. So it Will Feature Something Like;

Name of the website, Article title, Updated/ Publication Month Date, The date accessed, URL

How to Handle Magazine or Journal Article Apa Style with No Author

The correct Bibliographic reference style or formats are normally double-spaced. Also, they are indented about ½ inches following the first line. In cases where there is no author, the title of the article should appear first.

 For magazines or journals just use italics. Also, use a ‘headline’ capitalization style. Furthermore, be sure to use journals or magazines homepage URL, and avoid URLs that are not working. Note, that it is not a must that you add retrieval date.

In-Text Citations Apa Style with No Author

We already discussed how APA style looks like in In-Text citations both when there is the author’s name or without. Having more light on that, citations are usually placed in the framework by using the last name of the author plus the publication date. For Apa in-text citation no author, you just have to cite the in-text (involves some few texts from the article title). Make sure you use the double quotation marks.

Besides, you can incorporate the citation in the sentence through narrative means. However, there should be a complete resemblance between the parenthetical citation and the reference list. In other words, the title of the article takes the place off the name of the author.

How to Cite a Website with Apa Multiple Authors

Are you having problems citing/referencing a source with multiple authors? If so, here are basics steps that will help you achieve that;

2- Authors;

If you have to authors, you should cite them in-text whenever you refer to their works. For example, Donald and Trump (2020) found out that ……,

3-5 Authors

In this case, you must provide all the last names of the authors when referring to the document for the first time; For example;

John, George, Grace, and Chen (2009) duplicated.

Over 6 Authors

Some documents may have at least 6 or more authors. You don’t have to cite al the names in the document. So, just provide the surname of the first author using “et al.” from the 1st citation until the last.

For example

Johnny et al (2008) concluded that……vaccines (Johnny et al.., 2008).

Web Page APA No Date and No Author

Sometimes you may not have the author or even the date of a particular website. What you do, place the title of the article in the place of the author when referencing. For the in-text citation, at least use only a few words of the article title. As for the APA without date citations, just identify the date of publication as n.d this is an acronym for ‘no date’.


Finally, you already know how to cite using APA style on websites that have no author or date. Also, how to use APA to cite in-text with author and without an author. Additionally, other commonly used citation styles are MLA 8 style and the Chicago style.