If you are reading this, then, you must be a gaming enthusiast. To sharpen your gaming skills, you must use appropriate gaming accessories. And you must practice often. Among the right accessories is a quality mouse pad.

However, even with the best mouse pad in the market, it will still attract dirt. So, the question of how to clean a mousepad is inevitable?

This is because all mousepads get dirty. If you used for long without washing dirt particles build up. Also, snacks, sweats, and grease interfere with the functionality of the Mousepad. Hence, they lower their durability.

This article discusses two methods of cleaning a gaming mouse pad. We will look at that in a short while.

What You Should Know Before You Clean Your Mouse Pad

When it comes to cleaning a mousepad, there are things you have to pay attention to.  Cleaning a mousepad is easy but you must consider the following;

Type of the Mousepad

There is a wide variety of mouse pads in the market. Among the mouse pads that can be washed or cleaned are plastic, rubber, fabric, or cloth. If you have the impression that your mousepad is not good enough, visit here and read some reviews on the best gaming mouse pads. That way, you can pick one that matches your needs.

Back to our point, you can wash plastic or rubber mouse pads using wet wipes or damp cloth. However, fabric or cloth mousepads need a little pressure. That is the only way to eliminate stubborn dirt, oil, and grease.

What do You Need While Cleaning a Mousepad?

  • Towel
  • A brush
  • Some dish/hand soap or shampoo
  • Water

Actually, your mouse pad fabric determines how you clean it. It could be a rubberized or neoprene mousepad. Note, there are mouse pads that can be washed in machines. But it all depends on the fabric. So, if you are using a fabric mouse pad, below is a helpful procedure for cleaning your mouse pad. Does your mouse pad have a tough surface? Or is it a plastic mousepad? If so, this procedure is for you. There we go!


There are 2 proven ways of cleaning your mouse pad. DIY labor is the most prominent. This is what you are supposed to do;

Fill Your Bath or Sink with Warm Water

Pick a bowl or use a kitchen sink. Fill in hot water. Pour some shampoo or hand soap and mix it thoroughly with water. Note, hand soap is the best as it’s softer. Also, it works well on fabrics.

Submerge Your Mousepad in

Submerge your mousepad inside the kitchen sink or bowl. It should be fully covered by the water. Leave it for few minutes. This helps stubborn oils and grease to melt/dissolve.

Using a Sponge, Rub the Surface of the Mousepad Lightly. But in Case of Stubborn Stains, Apply a Little Pressure

Now it’s time to run your mouse pad gently using your hands. If you apply excessive pressure, you may destroy the surface fabric. This happens mostly on sensitive and soft mousepads. Also, if your mousepad has a graphic or illustration on it, over rubbing it will destroy its design.

Once You are Done, Rinse Your Mousepad Well. You Should Ensure that There are no Soap Remains

Once you are satisfied with rubbing your mousepad, you can rinse now.  By the time you are rinsing the mouse pad, there should be no stains or dirt anywhere. Make sure you rub until; there are no traces of dirt. Having done that, you can now rinse to eliminate soap traces. So, use enough water to rinse the tool.

Allow the Mousepad to Dry Completely

The most accurate method of drying a mouse pad is leaving it to dry on air for at least 24 to 36 hours. You can expose it to the sun for some hours. But if you can wait to resume your gaming, use a hairdryer. But when using a hairdryer, be sure to use a very low heat setting. Also, the hair dryer should not be very close to the mousepad. Note, excess heat can destroy the surface. Hence, always be cautious.

From what you have read, cleaning your mousepad through this method is simple. Also, it’s a sure way of restoring your mouse to its original new state.

However, sometimes you may feel that following the DIY procedure is tiresome. So, you may have lots of questions running through your mind. These are questions such as;

2.  Can I Insert my Mouse Pad in a Washing Machine?

You will be relieved to hear this! Yews you can put your mouse pad in a washing machine. This is what you have to do;

  • Put the mouse Pad inside the washing machine
  • Add regular detergent or dish soap
  • You are not allowed to use hot water. Note, rubbers can melt due to hot temperatures.
  • Once you are done, just air dry. This should take 24-36 hours prior to use.

By so doing, you have already restored the mousepad to its glorious state.

Obviously, You Must be Asking How Often Should I Clean my Mousepad?

I Just Read Your Mind! Right?

If you are using your mouse pad regularly, then, you must clean it regularly too. (Every 2 weeks can do) Note, the more you use a mousepad the more it’s prone to dust and oil built up. So, you will be on the safer side if you eliminate the dust often. This is the only way you can avoid shopping for a new mouse pad regularly.


Finally, from what you have read so far, cleaning the mousepad sounds like a walk in the park. I`m sorry to disappoint you, it’s never easy as it sounds. Make sure you know the type of your mouse pad.

Also, ensure it’s washable in a machine. You must avoid applying excessive pressure while rubbing. This is because you might end up spoiling it. Besides, using it before it’s completely dry will destroy it. So be careful and be sure to research in case of any doubts.