Tracking apps have always been criticized in the past because people are concerned about invasion of privacy. These apps don’t serve all people out there, but the popularity of spy apps has increased with time. A detailed analysis has proven that the number of tracking application users has increased within the last two years. 

The purpose of the mobile phone tracker app is to monitor another person’s smartphone from a remote distance without letting the target know about it. Maybe it’s the primary reason people think users have wrong intentions only because they do everything secretly without consent. But that is not entirely true; a significant number of parents use spying apps to ensure the security of their kids with pure intentions. 

You may find employers using cell phone tracking apps to maintain a progressive environment in the office space. It is hard to manage employees when the manager isn’t around, and monitoring apps help achieve it remotely. Undoubtedly the permission is required of the workers before companies install the software. And the tracking app has strict rules that every user has to follow. 

TheWiSpy is a reviewed and trustworthy mobile tracker that ensures that no unauthorized person can use it for wrong purposes. The primary users of this app are parents and employees who have a reasonable explanation for why they’re using such a spy app. We assure you that tracking apps are safe and legal that people use with the target’s consent. Unless it’s an underage child, then a parent can then use it secretly. 

Working Features of TheWiSpy:

It offers more than 30 features along with new features or updates. All the available features are working smoothly on compatible devices. We have divided these functions into two different sets.

Advance Features:

  • Call log monitoring 
  • SMS tracking
  • WhatsApp tracking:
  • GPS tracking
  • Web browser monitoring 
  • Geofencing 
  • Calendar monitoring 
  • App monitoring 
  • Wi-Fi logs

Remote Features:

  • Call recording
  • Surround recording 
  • Camera spy
  • Multimedia control
  • Web browser control
  • Uninstall apps
  • Block websites

How To Install TWS On The Phone:

Like every other mobile phone app, TWS is installed on the phone so that it can work. However, if you want to spy, then the first step towards spying is installing, and you have to be careful with a successful installation. We have given a detailed guide that is easy to follow, and you won’t get confused. 

Step 1

Get TheWiSpy Subscription:

You need to avail its subscription before you start the process. As it is an in-purchase app and doesn’t available on the play store, you should read this article carefully, so you don’t make any mistakes.

  1. Create an Account With TWS:

The first step is to create your TWS account. The app requires your personal information such as name, email address, etc., and in a short time, you can access the price plans. There are specific rules and permissions that it requires, so make sure you accept them all. 

  1. Select a Suitable Plan:

You have three options in front of you that you can choose from; a standard plan contains basic spying features. For example, call log spy, location tracking, SMS spy, and many more. Then we have a premium plan that offers remote features such as camera spy, remote controls, etc.; you always have the option to go big on spying with the platinum plan. That’s because you’ll have remote, advanced, and updated features for spying. Select what is best suited for your spying needs and then step on to the next step.

  1. Finish Your Purchase:

TWS will ask for the credit or debit card details so you can purchase the plan. There are different time periods that you can select such as, one month, three, or six months. You will get a confirmation email from the best mobile tracking app. It will include a URL and account login details for future use, and you can also change it. 

Step 2

Download TWS Software:

The actual process starts now when you’ll download this mobile tracker on your child or employee’s phone. You need physical access to the phone, yeah that’s right! So get your kid’s phone and follow these mentioned steps.

  1. Use URL To Download:

If you remember, it has sent you the URL link via an email. You can open it through a browser; the app will start installing once you hit the downloading button. It won’t take long but ensure that you have good internet. It will make the process smoother and faster. 

  1. Allow All Permissions:

You would need access to different apps on the target phone, such as social media apps and others. But you are unable to do that unless you provide permission physically. So when the app shows this option, you need to allow it for a better spying experience with the best cell phone tracking apps in 2021. 

  1. Activate Stealth Mode:

Now you have an option to use the stealth mode or not before you start spying. The stealth mode hides the mobile phone tracker app in the target phone so that the user won’t notice it. So if you want to spy in secrecy, you can activate it, and it will hide. All the processing of the application will be done in the background. 

Step 3

Set Up The Dashboard:

The tricky part is over, and now the setting is over on your target device. You can choose a phone or a laptop and log in to your dashboard. Let’s see how you can do that without getting stuck in the process.

Login To Your Account:

You were assigned an individual account that you have to log in to first, so use a web browser for that. Once you finish that, you’ll enter into the dashboard of the best mobile tracking app. 

Activate Features:

You have access to all the features you’ve subscribed for; they are listed on your screen so you can use them efficiently. For example, using TheWiSpy, you can fetch information with a few clicks because the primary purpose is to provide outputs without the user doing anything. So, you can sit back while your cell phone tracking apps take care of all the spying. 

Start Monitoring:

You’re all set to track your phone remotely; you can log in to your account anytime and fetch information. In addition, you can read chats, view call logs, find GPS locations, and use remote features to control the target phone. 

TheWiSpy Supported Devices:

As you know, it is an android mobile tracker app, so you have to make sure that your target is using an android device. Apart from that, you need to think through certain things before you purchase TWS software. First, check your phone’s software version, and if it has 4.0 OS or updates to its latest version, then you’re all set to use it. 

The advanced and updated features are smooth on using any device model. For example, it supports Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. One of the most remarkable qualities of TheWiSpy is that it is highly compatible, so you won’t have any problem while using it. TWS offers updates from time to time, so no matter how to advance your target’s phone, It knows how to keep up with android monitoring. You can spy on all the apps on the phone, and you can control everything remotely. 


We have included every little detail on how you can smoothly install TheWiSpy on your android phone. Of course, you might still get lost in the process with the detailed steps, but you don’t have to worry about that. Instead, go to the website of TheWiSpy and use customer support. 

You can ask any question you have, and our exceptional customer support will answer your queries in no time. If you have any questions related to installation or using the app in real-time, then you can leave a comment below, and we’ll help you. So, get your TheWiSpy today and be ready for an excellent spying experience. 

Do I Have To Root My Device Before Installation?

No, you won’t have to root your device for the installation of the TheWiSpy mobile tracker. TWS software was designed to provide easy spying for users. That’s why you can install it in simple and few steps without rooting any device.

Is TheWiSpy Free?

No, TheWiSpy is not a free application. However, TWS offers affordable price plans that are suitable for all sorts of spying needs. So if you’re short on budget, you won’t have to give up your needs; instead, you can choose an affordable subscription plan for time. Furthermore, it is an in-purchase app that you can get only from the official website

Can I End My Subscription If I No Longer Need It?

Yes, you can end your subscription anytime you want. However, sometimes users aren’t sure about how much time they would need. So for their ease, we have offered multiple time frames that they can choose without wasting another penny.

Would I Get a Free Trial Edition of TheWiSpy?

No, TWS mobile phone tracker app doesn’t offer a free trial. However, the prices of the standard plans are so convenient that you won’t need anything free for your spying needs—TheWiSpy guarantees quality results with accurate data that you will trust the app right away. And besides, companies that offer accessible trails aren’t offering a full-featured experience to the user, so you won’t be able to judge. Instead, you can use the existing app to track the phone and ensure its quality.