Discord has always been an excellent interaction medium. You get in touch with the other person through text chat or voice with your gaming colleagues free of charge.

Unfortunately, some people will always cross the line. Hence they end up violating the set guidelines. Some messages could be hurting, therefore the culprits should be reported. 

In such scenarios, discord reports are allowed. If you report someone on discord, disciplinary actions are applied. Unfortunately, a discord report is not as easy as it sounds.

How can You Report Someone on Discord?

If someone is getting on your nerves, then you have to file a discord report. You can progress with the report in case of such things as spamming, threats, or abusive chat. At times you encounter a situation where the entire server indulges in unlawful activity, therefore, going against the community guidelines. 

This is the procedure you ought to follow to send a discord report;

Step 1; Confirm that the Chat Goes Against Discord Regulations

Note, you are not allowed to report someone on discord until you have proof that they have sent you abusive chats. In other words, the message must violate the guidelines by discord community to be reported.

Here is a list of messages and activities that are against Discord community;

  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Spam chats
  • Exchanging child pornography
  • Encouraging suicide
  • Sharing animal cruelty images
  • Going against IP rights

If their texts do not align with any of the mentioned categories, there is no point in reporting them to discord. Instead, consider talking to mother members of the community any mischievous conduct from one member.

Also, it’s more advantageous if you control the server or are the moderator. This gives you the liberty to ban them or kick them out of the group. Also, you can mute or completely block that user. That way, you won’t have to put up with their annoying content.

Step 2; Switch on Developer Mode & Look for Important ID Codes

No matter how much you feel pissed off by a user, you shouldn`t just click the report option on Discord. Of course, you can’t do that in the Desktop application.

So, look for a few ID codes. They will help the Discord team to examine the offensive message. To retrieve the ID codes, press the gear button beside your name. It’s in the left corner at the bottom of your screen. Click on the ‘appearance’ icon. Proceed to the ‘advanced’ section of the page. You will spot a toggle by the name ‘Developer Mode‘. Once you are there, turn it on.

Furthermore, you will require 3 varying ID codes. Proceed to the offending message, then right-click on the name of the user. Press ‘Copy ID ‘and paste the copied number, then, label it later.

Note, the user may decide to change their username but there no need to worry about that. This is because the ID code remains constant.

Once more, right-click on the user’s message, then select ‘Copy ID’. That way, you will retrieve a channel and message ID number. Just paste it then label it just like the initial ID.

Finally, proceed to the server icon on your screen on the left side. Then, right-click on the icon and select copy ID for the 3rd time now. Just paste it near the other two.

Step 3: Send a Discord Repot

Now you almost there! It’s time to send a discord report. You are supposed to send the report through the Trust and Safety request center. Start by entering your email address. You now have to select your type of report. Base your report on options offered in the drop-down menu. The report should relate to your situation.

Remember to include a subject and clearly explain the incidence. Don`t forget to include the 3 ID codes retrieved in the ‘Description’ box. If need be, you can attach the chat screenshots. Now press on the ‘send report’ button and leave the matter in the hands of Discord.

How to Report Someone on Discord Using ioS

Incredibly, it’s easier to report a discord on ioS than reporting on a desktop.  You just have to right-click the offending message then click on the report button. The good thing about reporting on ioS is that you won’t have to explain.

Also, no ID codes are needed. This saves you the stress of retrieving codes. But that does mean that ioS Discord reports are not handled with the seriousness they deserve like the Desktop reports. Both are treated similarly.

In most cases, you may not get any response. If you feel that you must explain the incident, just send them an email through [email protected]

What Happens when you Erroneously Click Report Discord Button?

If it turns out that your Discord report wasn’t intended, do not panic. You can always reverse it. Also, you could have sent the report willingly to only realize that the message does not violate any of Discord guidelines. In both cases, you can directly speak to the Discord support team to clear the discord report.

Alternatively, you can proceed to the Discord Twitter page and explain your situation through a direct message. Make sure you provide your email address linked to the account and the message in question.

That way, the Discord team, can check the report from the list of other already sent reports and have it cleared.

Actually, sending false Discord reports can land you in trouble. This is because they violate Discord regulations. So, you can end up facing disciplinary actions. Therefore, make sure you act quickly the moment you realize you just sent unnecessary Discord report.


Finally, you now know how to report someone on Discord. You can report on the Desktop App or ioS. Both are convenient and accurate.

However, the ioS procedure of sending Discord report is simple. You won`t have to send the ID code or give any explanation. If you wish to drop the Discord report, you just have to liaise with the Discord support team to discard the report.

This is done immediately to avoid being punished. With all that in mind, never allow anyone to abuse you or threaten you on Discord. Discord laws and regulations protect your rights as a community member.