What is Internet Outage?

It’s a duration when a computer system fails or when you can’t access anything online or when there is the unavailability of the internet on your devices. But do you know you can still be productive during this period?

There are numerous activities you can engage yourself in so as to keep you busy until you can get back online. You should not allow technological meltdown to bring down your productivity.

Today, the internet has completely changed our way of working to the extent that it affects almost all day to day activities.

This article lists 7 ways of staying productive when there is the unavailability of the internet. However, most of the things on the list are geared toward specific occurrences.

For instance, some are suitable only for spontaneous outages, while others will work only if you plan earlier in advance.

1. Do Some Cleaning Work

Sincerely speaking of all the activities in an office, cleaning the office is the last thing that comes to people’s mind.

This is normal especially when someone is caught up in the more important chores that need urgent and necessary attention that it becomes difficult to maintain the place where someone spends their time doing work.

Nevertheless, is very important to ensure to prioritize cleaning of your office since it is good both physically and mentally health-wise.

When experiencing an internet outage, you can engage one can engage themselves in organizing office files and other office equipment as well as removing dust from machines. This is also another important way to enhance your productivity as well as your mood.

Remember your office is just like your home since you spend most of your time away from home, so it should be maintained.

2. Think of Another Way to Get Online

Let’s face it. Since you have an internet outage that does not mean the end of everything as work has to be done. There are situations where it’s impossible to get online, for example when on an airline high above 35,000 feet and there is no Wi-Fi on the airline you are more likely to stuck.

However, when you are at home or in a workplace and the internet fails, it is possible to get an alternative connection. One can use a cell phone or go to a coffee shop that provides Wi-Fi.

3. Read a Book

Reading is an incredible way of learning new things, new innovations in the world and broadening people’s minds. Getting a favorite novel or any other informative book can be a good thing when there is no internet connection.

4. Return Phone Calls

It is very common to have a busy day that cannot allow some time to return calls. During an internet outage, one can decide to return calls and make follow-ups with clients on a day to day activities. Most people misuse this time but it is the best time to do other important things.

5. Read Articles Offline

One can ask how it is possible to read articles offline but it is possible, however, it requires planning ahead of time. There are numerous ways you can still read articles without an internet connection.

One is by use of applications that lets you save articles, videos as well as images. Another option is to download all the important articles ahead of time so that when you experience unexpected internet outage, you can get back and read them.

6. Organize Your Computer’s Files

When you store an important file on your machine, where is it usually stored? Do you have created folders that can neatly save documents for future reference?

Some users just throw files anyhow, especially on the desktop for easy retrieval. You will be doing good to yourself by organizing your folders since retrieving them will be easier and thus you will be saving yourself time.

7. Interact With Other Team Members

When on an internet outage, it doesn’t mean it is the perfect time to bond with other team members, but it really can provide you with that opportunity.

It can offer you an opportunity to meet a few team members or interact with other people outside your workplace. You can also use that time to bond with people you work within the same department.