Working people have to change their working stations frequently from one desk to another. They need to carry all the necessary items with them wherever they go. The most important item that people have to carry with them to the workplace is the laptop. 

Carrying a backpack is trending nowadays. So, to carry the laptop easily on our shoulders we need a laptop backpack. Women are very concerned about carrying all required items to the workplace as compared to men so they like it most.

The demand for laptop backpacks is increasing rapidly. As a backpack can be hung onto the shoulders easily and the hands are free to carry other items, so women mostly demand this type of laptop bag for work and business travel.

If you are searching for a women’s laptop backpack for work, then keep on reading the article. We have the best possible information for you and the best available products in the market.

What is a Laptop Backpack?

what is laptop backpack

A laptop backpack is a kind of bag that has a special pocket/compartment to keep your laptop safe while traveling to the office, school, or college. It helps in keeping your laptop away from any outside dirt, contains various computer accessories, and is ideally designed for the people who go to work by walking, cycling, and using public transport.

Why is a Laptop Backpack Important?

The weight of an average laptop is around 4kg and it is not easy to hold it in one hand or one shoulder. Therefore, the backpack style is introduced keeping in view the medical and health aspects of users. By resetting the laptop backpack on both shoulders, the tension/weight gets equally distributed on both the shoulders and makes it convenient to carry. 

Especially when it comes to women, by nature they are not strong enough to carry weights for a long period so the laptop backpack is the best option to carry a laptop and essential items at the workplace.

How to Determine Laptop Size for Buying a Backpack?

Many customers and manufacturers quote laptops screen size when referring to the size of a laptop. These measurements refer to the size of the screen and inches measured diagonally from corner to corner. 

The most common sizes are 13, 15, and 17 inches. However, with the difference and the machine sizes of PC-based computers vs. Apple and the introduction of netbooks and tablets computers screen size alone is not a reliable way to determine if a particular computer will fit a bag.

To determine the correct size of your laptop you must know your laptop model. The correct way of measuring your laptop is to measure the thickness, width, and length of your laptop and select the backpack according to the measurements.

How to Pick a Laptop Backpack?

how to pick a laptop backpack

Most women think that carrying a briefcase to work is old-fashioned and looks awkward and therefore, backpacks are now a top trend product for working women. The backpacks are not only designed to fit most of your average size laptops but also to protect your laptop from falling.

There are several characteristics that you can see in women’s laptop backpacks for work while buying. These are:-

1. Waterproofness

Any backpack that carries a laptop should be weatherproof and suitable for the rainy season. The water-proof backpacks are highly useful for the working ladies that go to office by public transport and walking on foot. This type of material will not only protect the laptop from rain and snow but also save the laptop against spills, leaks, and other liquid related accidents.

2. Separate Compartment

The best-case scenario for a laptop backpack is to have a separate enclosed pocket for the laptop to keep it safe from outside elements as well as internal leaks, and scratching.

3. Protection

Beyond waterproofing, a laptop backpack should have reliable computer protection technology. The backpack must contain the protection technology to safeguard hard plastic or shell or both. 

Some packs are designed with air pockets that surround the laptop to diminish the risk of damage when the back is dropped on a hard surface. 

Even if some ladies are extra careful about their belongings, they should not overlook this element while buying the women’s laptop backpack for work.

4. Comfortable and Wearable

The point of choosing a laptop backpack over a briefcase tile or messenger style carrying case is the optimum comfort level that is achieved by wearing the backpack. 

The backpack must be easy to wear and strong enough to handle weight by putting less stress on your shoulders. The shoulder straps should be very soft, sturdy, and comfortable to wear with adjustable hooks.

Top 5 Women’s Laptop Backpack for Work

5 best laptop backpacks for women

It is very difficult to choose the best product that meets your requirements and especially for women who are very choosy by nature while buying items. We analyzed consumers’ reviews to find out which product is high-scored and top-rated in the market nowadays.

1. PacSafe Citysafe CX Laptop Backpack

This backpack looks great and keeps your belongings super safe. It is made up of durable nylon that has a polyester lining. It is nice and soft and contains extendable side pockets. The side pockets are perfect for keeping an umbrella and water bottle.

There is a front zippered pocket and a little loop at the side of the zip so when you have it zipped up you can tuck the zipper pull into the loops. 

This feature makes it hard for anyone else to try to get inside and take away your things. This front zipper is wide and has ample space with two additional slit pockets. This way you can organize a little bit better.

The backpack has an extra clip that is attached at the front and useful for hanging safely anything you want. It has two handles on the top with a snap closure. The top has a zipper closure too, and when you open it up you will feel the wired frame. 

It’s very sturdy and helps you open up the bag making it wider. The lining inside is very neat and bright. There is a padded back slip pocket which is perfect for a 13 inches laptop. On the parallel side of the laptop compartment, there is a zippered pocket as well. 

One great feature about this women’s laptop backpack for work is the interlocking zippers. The handles are slash-proof and this backpack has RFID electromagnetic protection throughout to keep your information safe.

The shoulder straps are well-cushioned, adjustable, and can be easily unhooked to attach the backpack to the chair while at work. There is also a little handy trolley strap at the backside. It is highly recommended for working women.

Interlocking zipper.
Suitable for working women.


2. Samsonite Classic Leather Slim Backpack

The laptop backpack for women by Samsonite is a durable and purposeful product. Its special and unique features include; a dedicated laptop compartment, a luggage handle sleeve as well as padded air mesh panels on the back and straps.

The weight is about 3.73 pounds. Its height is 18.5, length is12, and depth is 6.5 inches. You can easily carry up to 20 pounds of contents in this backpack.

The support for back straps and handle is essential. With the sleeve of the luggage handle in it, you can attach the backpack to your luggage bag also if you are traveling for business purposes.

In the front zipper pockets, you can easily store your small and important items like keys, clutch, stationery pouch, medicines, glasses, cosmetics, hands-free, etc. You can also store up to 12 inches of device in the back compartment of the front pocket.

The gusseted pocket of the main compartment is great for files, other tech devices, any electronic accessory, or a small blanket. 

The laptop compartment stores up to 15.6 inches laptop and protects the laptop with an incase icon sleeve with sensor light which has a rubber-like bumper around the edges. 

There are also metal feet at the bottom which are highly protective for your belongings if the backpack accidentally falls.

Built-up with pure leather.Pricey.
Luggage handle sleeve.No side pockets.
Suitable for business travel and work.


3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access Slim Colombian Leather Laptop Backpack

For women, running to all the meetings with a laptop and a bunch of accessories doesn’t have to be a chore. There is a way to carry everything without complicating your commute. 

This backpack is the optimal solution to carry it all without aching back and throbbing shoulders. This product is highly functional in every way and can easily go wherever you go.

This superb pack is crafted from beautiful and rich Columbian leather. It contains a quick grab handle on the top that is nicely padded for the comfort of carrying.

There are two fully adjustable, well-padded, and mesh-lined shoulder straps. With the mesh-lined straps, there is also a back panel which makes the backpack very comfortable to wear without any stress on your back and shoulders.

It contains a small pocket at the front with a zipper closure feature. There is also one larger pocket at the front with a lot of organizational compartments including a mesh panel.

Moreover, there is a super soft lined pocket at the top that has a zippered closure as well. It is great for smaller electronic components and keeps them safe. The main compartment is very wide and you can put all kinds of your belongings in it. 

There is a separate pocket for a tablet which is soft and well-lined. The laptop compartment is at the back. This fully padded and protective pocket can hold a 15.5 inches laptop in it safely.

Another interesting feature of this women’s laptop backpack for work is that the laptop compartment opens up widely and gets separated from the front side of the bag. This feature is useful when your backpack is going through the conveyor belt to be x-rayed at the airport. This highly stylish backpack is suitable for women who work and travel more often.

Built-up with Columbian leather.No side pockets.
Zipper closure.A bit expensive.
Soft padded pockets.Heavy-weight due to leather material.


4. Tigernu Slim Laptop Backpack

This is a great backpack from the brand Tigernu. At the front there is a small zip pocket, it is slim that you can use to put things like SD cards, or phones. There is a larger pocket also, with many compartments to organize your items. 

There is also a mesh-lined pocket inside this large front pocket to keep headphones and other handy items like cables. You can also secure your iPad in this pocket safely. 

This is a slimmer compartment followed by a larger/main compartment, that is lined softly to protect the stored items. 

There are also small pouches for small items storage. In the zippered compartment, you can easily store pens, papers, and medicines that you need to have with you at work. 

One of the great features of this backpack is the security system and a built-in charging cable to charge your devices in an emergency. The charging cable is detachable.

The laptop compartment is at the back which is lined with a padded material. It can hold up to 15.6 inches laptop and MacBook in it and has a good quality zipper closure. The side pockets are expandable and placed on both sides. These are great for keeping drinks, water bottles, or umbrellas.

The shoulder straps are well-designed and sturdy which does not let the pressure stay on your shoulders and back. It is perfectly safe to carry by all age groups.

The material used in crafting is scratch-resistant, anti-tear, and keeps your things protected from snow and rain. It is easy to wash, clean, and quickly dries up after washing.

Anti-tear fabric.Inside pockets can ripe.
Waterproof back.A bit expensive.
Ergonomic design.No assembly guide.
Anti-theft zipper.Small for bigger items.
USB charging port.Zippers can be broken if used carelessly.


5. Estarer Upgraded Version Women PU Leather Backpack Laptop

It is a square-shaped backpack and designed for a 15.6 inches laptop. There are two adjustable straps at the back and they are crafted from rubber and leather mixed material to add comfort for the users. 

The rest material used in making the body of this backpack is PU leather and polyurethane used in the lining. The material is highly favorable for all seasons and resistant to rain and snow.

This backpack contains 7 compartments including 2 main compartments, 2 open pockets, one pocket is behind the front flap, one iPad pocket, one laptop compartment, one zipper closed pocket in front of the main pocket, and one small security pocket in which you can keep your valuable items and money. The front flap has tassel decoration, you can detach it if you don’t want it.

In terms of dimensions, this women’s laptop backpack for work is 13 inches long, 14 inches wide, and 16 inches high. The weight of the product is 2.36 pounds.

PU leather is used in manufacturing.The laptop pocket is at the front and that’s unsafe.
Waterproof.Inside pockets are bulky.
Durable.The front clasp is not reliable.
Affordable.Straps are not very comfortable.
Roomy and spacious.


Final Words

It is very difficult to carry and go to the office with all your necessary items daily. This problem has been solved by the backpacks that can carry all the handy items in addition to your laptop, tablet, phone, and iPad safely. 

We have mentioned the best women’s laptop backpack for work in the article and concluded that all are masterpieces, reliable, and great products as compared to the other backpacks available in the market. 

PacSafe, Samsonite, and Kenneth Cole Reaction are the most famous manufacturers of laptop backpacks and available for customers with a higher budget. 

The backpacks of Tigernu and Estarer are also winning the hearts of women nowadays due to their durability and spaciousness. 

You can easily buy these laptop backpacks for women on Amazon because buying through Amazon will give you your time and money as they provide quick delivery and most often offer special discounts on the products.