Staying alive on PlayerUnknowns’s Battlegrounds is a feat for the prepared gamers. The good thing is that you can play the game solo or play with another gamer as a backup. Also, you can play PUBG as a team/squad if you’re not fit for the tough solo or duo fights. 

No matter how you land on the island, your aim must be to stay alive after other players are dead. You want to be the last man standing after such a deadly experience. So, how can you do it? The easiest way will be to get some PUBG hacks to simplify the game. Playing the game with enterprise-standard game hacks is a solid choice if you ask most gamers

Another option you have is to combine the hacks with the advanced tips and tricks in this article. Such a combo strategy will keep you standing after the other 99 players are dead. So, if you’re up for the tips and tricks, check them below. 

7 Tip and Tricks to Be a PUBG Expert 

Don’t Peek When there’s a Shooting

If you hear someone already shooting, don’t allow your curiosity to get you into trouble. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing solo, duo, or as a team. If you raise your head to peek or shoot, you might be knocked off even when you weren’t the target. 

So, no matter what happens, wait for the shooter to pause for a reload before you engage. You don’t want to be in an enemy’s crosshair. 

Use the Fastest Vehicle

Movement is important in PUBG. The gunfights are usually tough and deadly, and that’s why you need a reliable means of escape. 

There are other vehicles in the game, but the fastest is UAZ. This vehicle will take you out of sticky situations and even take you up the hill in no time. So, don’t miss this vehicle on the game. You can find UAZ in Livik Map and Erangle Map. 

Play Like a Chameleon 

An expert gamer is never predicted. No matter what you do, don’t let other players pinpoint your style or strategies. Try hard to learn the game and develop multiple play styles for different occasions. 

It is easier to kill enemies when they can’t pinpoint your next actions. Also, don’t be a copycat player who does what others do all the time. Change your tactics like a chameleon changes its colors. That way, you’ll always be a step ahead of the enemies. 

Be a Moving Target 

It is harder to shoot and kill a moving target than a steady target. No matter what you do, don’t make it easy for the enemy to pick you. Make sure you’re moving to make things difficult. If you stand still, an enemy with a DMR or sniper will pick you like a bottle for target practice. Once they hit you on the head, you’re dead. Don’t forget, some of the pro players don’t miss the headshot. 

Play the Circle Edge

If you’ve made it to the finals and want to win, make sure you stick to the edge of the circle. This strategy will protect you from any enemy trying to attack you from the back. Also, you can avoid engaging in many fights at once to be safer. 

Don’t try to be at the circle’s center. Many enemies who took their positions around it will definitely fire at you. But when you’re at the edge, you can watch the entire play zone and take the enemies out at every opportunity. 

Predict an Enemy’s Movements 

This is one of the shooting tricks to use for more kills. When you want to kill an enemy running toward a house, try to predict the next place he will run to and shoot him there.

For instance, if he’s running into the house, aim at the stairs. If you miss him there, quickly move your aim to the window or door depending on where you predict him to pass or enter. 

You can get more kills by always predicting your target’s movement. But you must also be fast in your decisions because you’re aiming at a moving target. 

Combine Your Weapons Smartly

A deadly weapon combination can be a game-changer for you on PUBG. Some weapons work better in close range, while others work better for long-distance shots. So, hold two ARs (assault rifles) so that you can make a fast switch when the situation is dire.

Also, if an enemy comes too close for comfort, you can use the close-range weapon to get him. Also, make sure you have a level 2 helmet and vest for close-range situations. 


Surviving on PUBG Mobile is possible. Even though the game is tough, you can be the last player standing. We have equipped you to fight the battle with advanced hacks plus our advanced tips and tricks. 

So, make sure you win the next fight on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.