Destiny 2 is a popular shooting video game that is based on mythical science fiction. With the launching of the window version of Destiny 2 became quite a popular game and with its popularity more and more users want to get the encrypted cache key. Therefore, we bring you the way of going about this. 

Let’s begin with what exactly is the encrypted cache key. It is an item that players get Destiny 2. It is the reward that players get from Ana Bray after getting the seven Fragment keys. The fact that you’ve googled to get this key makes it clear that it is difficult to get one.

Getting the Encrypted Cache Key

You would have to do the following to get the Encrypted Cache Key.

  • You would have to complete all the story missions in Destiny 2.
  • You’d be able to get these encrypted cache keys from Rasputin Key Fragments. For this, you would be needed to play Nightfall Strikes, Heroic Strikes, Raid Lairs, Heroic Adventures, Strikes, and Raids.
  • After collecting seven fragment keys you would hand over these keys to Ana Bray on Mars.
  • These seven fragments keys would get you an Encrypted Cache key once a week.

Now that you’ve earned the Encrypted cache key the next thing that gets into your way is how to make full use of it.

Getting the Decrypted Cache Key

Destiny 2 has launched the feature of Escalation Protocol Mode which is the challenge based on the time limit. This mode required the power of the character to be 380 that is the maximum power a character can play with. This is where the toughest part begins: decrypting the cache key won’t be an easy task to do.

  • For this, you would have to participate in the Escalation Protocols.
  • In Escalation Protocols, the real challenge would be to defeat as many Hive soldiers as possible in the given time.
  • You would have to complete seven such levels to finally get the decrypted cache key.
  • This decryption will come in handy when you would have to defeat the boss of the Escalation Protocols. Once the boss gets defeated, you’d get extra rewards.


Finally, you’d be able to get the loot of items one of them is Rasputin Armor.

We’ve provided you with all the necessary measures you could take to get the encrypted and decrypted cache key. The encrypted cache key is the additional item that took Destiny 2 to another level.