The Internet is a great way to keep in touch with the whole world easily and effortlessly. People can connect through different platforms and Social media. To reach these platforms we need to have the support of a web browser.

The web browser is an application that is used by every internet user to get the right of entry on various web pages and websites. Without a browser, you will not get access to any web page. Nowadays a variety of web browsers is available in the marketplace.

Why Homepage is Important?

It is the homepage that we must have to get an entrance or access to any searched website. The homepage of every browser makes it stress-free for us to perform this action.

Have you ever tried to set a homepage on your smartphone?

Let us tell you how you can do this easily.

About Content://

Content:// is a linkage/code which is used to format a webpage as default on your mobile phone with an incorporated internet browser. 

In simple words, we can say that this code is normally used to set up a default page for any web browser. You can use this code by entering in the URL bar of your browser on your Android phone, the settings will be opened and you will be ready for customization. 

Let us break this link into pieces and explain all about it.

(Content://): It lets us share the content on similar or altered programs.

(com. android.browser): It is the name of the related platform.

(home/): It is the content that helps you to reach the homepage of the browser from your smartphone easily.

Your browser will use this data inside the URL and give you access to the default homepage. All the settled information or data can be changed on your smartphone by selecting the settings.

You will have a clearer picture of Content:// with this example.

When you use any social media platform like Facebook, and you see the advertisement on your timeline, you tap it to see the details, then that web page allows your browser to have access to the selected advertisement’s original web page. 

You will have access through Google Chrome if you have an Android phone, and if you have an iPhone, you will have access through Safari.

The same is the method of directing you to the web pages if you select anything through mobile apps or any websites.

Why Need to Adjust the Default Android Browser?

Almost all Smartphones have already installed web browsers when you get them from the market. Some mobile phone manufacturing companies use this as their advantage to generate their passive business and get profits when you tap on the ads which browsers show. 

For your information, the companies do it without the agreement of the customers, and the people who know this secret hate these ads on the web pages.

Now, the advantage of using the code Content:// is that we can easily change the default browser and get rid of those annoying errors by some adjustments in the settings.

4 Most Trending Android Browsers

Here we intend to update you about the most trending and trustworthy Android browser at present.

1.  Chrome

No security hazards because it’s Google Chrome. Yes, you can use this browser freely on your Android phones and Desktop. 

It is an already installed web browser in almost all Android devices nowadays and also available in the market with the updated version.

Moreover, it has three more programs other than Google Chrome including Chrome Dev., Chrome Beta, and Chrome Canary.

2.  Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox is another remarkable web browser that you can use safely without any safety issues. 

It has two noteworthy points, one is its regular browser which is highly functional and free to use. No crashes, no disturbances, ads blocking facility, synchronization, and much more to get a wonderful experience using it.

The other point is the high security and protected browsing competence of Firefox. You can browse through this with no identity theft, and no action would be performed without users’ consent.

3.  Opera

This is another web browser that is used by many people for web browsing. It includes three browsers; Standard one, Opera Mini, and Opera Touch. 

You can also sign in to the account and synchronize your information by using Opera like all other browsers.

4.  Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge web browser is also good to have. This browser has features like QR code detecting, voice search proficient, and privacy mode. 

This browser always works fit with Microsoft Launcher and Windows 10. It is expected that this browser system will be improved in the coming time, and become Chromium-based, so you will surely have the ultimate experience of browsing through it. 

2 Methods of Customizing Default Android Browser

There are two possible methods to customize the default browser on Android phones:

#1: Utilizing General Settings of the Phone Browser

To change the default browser on your phone by using general settings just adopt the below-described steps:-

Here we assume that we are applying the steps on the Samsung phone.

  • Open your phone menu and select Internet, remember not to select the Chrome browser or Firefox browser because this method is not applicable for these types.
  • Android default browser will be opened, and you might see some ads on it, so to avoid these unwanted ads we change the default browser. Now, tap on the three horizontal lines at the right-bottom of your screen.
  • You will be able to see settings in the left-bottom corner, select it.
  • Now if you see in the section of General Settings, there will be a written Homepage. Tap on it.
  • You will get the option of Custom page, select the option, and here you go.
  • Write the desired URL and save as your default browser for Android phone.

#2: By Entering Content:// in the URL Bar

This method is very simple and just a few steps to follow. Experts recommend this method because of its straightforwardness.

  • Open the Android browser of your cell phone.
  • Tap on the address bar and write, Content://
  • You will be directed towards the settings where you can write your desired URL to set as the default browser for your phone.

Yahoo! You did it successfully.

How to remove Content://

Since Content:// is the standard address/URL in most Android innate applications, so it might be bothersome for some users. 

If you want to remove this code from your default browser on your Android device, you must follow these steps carefully:

  • Open the default web browser of your phone.
  • Now open the menu of your web browser by tapping on the three horizontal lines at the right-bottom.
  • Go to the settings, and see the general section there.
  • Select the homepage as you desire.
  • You can select a search engine too, or the other option is to write the URL in the URL bar.
  • Save the settings.

Mission accomplished!


Changing the settings of your default browser on your phone is not a tricky task, but understanding it completely is the main point. 

Surely, we have made you understand the matter in detail by providing all the key info about famous browsers and mentioned the simpler way to format your default Android browser by using the code Content://

Your suggestions and comments will be appreciated, so please do not forget to share. Hopefully, you liked this post.