IT, internet, cloud computing, etc. in information and technology are like Mohorovicic discontinuity in Geography, bones in Biology, and the mole concept in Chemistry. They are the basics and pillars of technology.

Technology is never short of codes like Content://, which are mainly applicable to browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. These browsers are mainly supported by the android operating system.

What is Content://

For a phone to work, it must be loaded with an operating system. Apple IOS, java, blackberry, etc. are examples of mobile phone’s operating system. The long list of the phone’s brain continues with android.

Android OS is the most popular software created back in 2008. Using an android based smartphone you know about play store. Play stores enable android users to download browsers and other apps.

Default Browser

The internet is one of the richest sources of information. By just a simple click you can access millions of websites and unlimited information.

One of the main problems hindering you from getting to this information oasis is an in-build or pre-installed browser. This is always the case when you have a ‘malfunctioning’ browser. Sometimes you may have a noble browser but you just don’t like it.

Default browsers as the name suggests, are faulty. Using codes like content:// will help you navigate safely. How do you change faulty browsers?

One can change or customize browsers by just typing “Content://” to set the default browser on android based mobile phones.

Finding the Best Browser 

Finding the Best Browser

Imagine a scenario where you had only one browser- it could be either worthy or worst. Thank developers the situation is not imaginable. For a browser to meet users’ needs s it must be compatible with codes like Content:// Compatibility means that you can use it on either old or new versions of android.

Other than compatibility, some functions like the ability to synchronize with other pieces of browsing data like social media and emails. The synchrony of information is very important because the information is shared across different apps. What you searched on google you find on other apps like Facebook etc.

What is more important in information than data security? You need to use browsers that guarantee you 100% data security. While choosing browsers be keen on terms like user privacy and on how to apply them. If a browser doesn’t support privacy rights use links like content:// to change.


Manufactured by google, chrome is one of the best and free browsers ever existed. You can find it pre-installed on your device. The perfect reasonable thing you can do is to download it. Other than being downloadable, chromes finds its way in android’s phone in four major ways.

Google chrome is the best seconded by beta, dev, canary respectively. Ability to support content:// code has made chrome to top the list.

How do you Set Chrome as your Default Browser?

It will be best if you find out how you can marry chrome with your android device. The following procedure will help you.

  1. Locate the setting option on your android device to navigate the apps.
  2. There are three dots icon on the corner – mainly the top right corner. If you click on three dots, a drop menu will appear.
  3. Now that you have finally found your way through setting and a drop menu, you can choose the browser option. Click on chrome to unlock the best browsing experience you are going to witness.
  4. Having unraveled the best browser, close the settings. Typing a random URL will confirm you have done the right thing.


The origin of this name is still a misery. Legends say that if you want a fox to ran, arm yourself with a lighter. Set fire on its bushy tail and within a millisecond you will not see it again. You will experience the same when you use Firefox or rather a fox on fire.

Fast browsing experience especially for the standard one. It features all the best kinds of stuff that you will wish to experience. Cross-platform syncing, unbreakable firewall, this is important because it has an inbuilt password saver, etc.

For privacy purposes, Firefox Focus is the ultimate choice. Other than rock-solid browsing foundations, it is loaded with high-end security features and privacy. Together with tracking protection, you are sure of safe internet life. The following procedure is going to explain how you can go about while launching Firefox as a default browser.

Defaulting Firefox

The process is much related to the above one on chrome.

  1. Whether your Firefox was pre-installed or downloaded, open the app.
  2. On the top right corner, select settings. The setting is found on the more options icon.
  3. From the list of options available, choose the ‘general option’
  4. With just a simple click you are set on. Tap the general option to make Firefox the default browser.
  5. After successfully executing the process above ­(4), you will be taken into setting the app. Don’t worry you are on the right track.
  6. Complete the process by selecting Firefox as the browser app.

The process deviates or is slightly different from other versions of android. The most important part is that each version of Android has its settings. Every android user is it 5, 6, etc. will experience the best of Firefox.

Chrome Or Firefox?

Chrome and Firefox are two giants that offer unlimited access to the internet. Both of them have almost the same properties and improving surfing experience. Although google chrome is ranked higher, it will be better if you too can choose the best option. Improve your surfing experience.

You have just plugged in into the largest information output. Customization and better browsing experience are what you need. You can now safely navigate through settings and configure the home page to the android browser.

Googles’ chrome and Firefox are two competing networks that you won’t regret when you acquaint either of them. Remember there are also other browsers on the way.


You can easily configure apps for your smartphone, be it on the old or latest android versions. All this is possible thanks to content://

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