Dirty Blogging means people use to implement the wrong techniques to rank in the search engines very quickly but it doesn’t rank them for so long So, if you’re running a business for long-term then you must have to do White hat SEO.

The world of the internet is the new world where individuals can do anything they wish to do. Spreading a message or knowledge is the fundamental agenda for writing blogs, and many people worldwide choose to blog as their full-time career. 

Techniques and tricks are always helpful in reducing the time for writing the blogs because they help understand the mindset that people hold before reading a blog. 

On the other hand, some people cannot deliver the message as they prefer to choose some easy or unprofessional way of presenting the ideas. 

Such methods waste the effort an individual invests in writing the blog because it doesn’t reach the target audience. Such type of blogging comes under dirty blogging, and traffic prefers staying away from such content. 

Some popular mistakes which are common among all the dirty blogging are as follows. 

dirty bloggers use the dirty techniques

1. Plagiarism 

Copying someone’s content without their consent comes under plagiarism, and in some sectors, it is a legal offense to release a plagiarized content. 

There is plagiarism in some blogs, and before taking that content, any further google algorithm blocks it. 

There is no scope for getting a good customer base on plagiarized blogs because they waste effort. There are smart tricks that people do to hide plagiarism, such as spinning the content.

Spinning is nothing but replacing all the words in a sentence with their synonyms. Google algorithm is smart enough to recognize the content which is spun and blocks it. It is always a good idea to present fresh and creative content in the blogs. 

2. Writing Long Para 

It is human nature that we often feel lazy in reading the content which looks bulky to us. The Google algorithm is also designed in the same way that crawling doesn’t happen on long content. 

It is highly suggested that the content should be in short paragraphs where the algorithm can crawl on the right keywords and increase the SEO ranking of content. 

Dirty blogging happens at that instance, too, when there are multiple sentences in the paragraphs, which have the same meaning. Such content doesn’t get a high ranking in SEO and often wastes efforts and time. 

3. Unique and Creative Content 

It is not tricky to rephrase someone’s content and remove the badge of plagiarised content, but it is impossible to get popularity through rephrased content. The content should be crisp and unique to get high ratings and more traffic. 

Writing blogs makes people aware of something they are not aware of or presenting the information more creatively. 

Writing creative content is possible when one could understand what attracts people the most while reading content. 

For example, when people can relate the content with their daily life or habits, they give a thumbs up to the content. It is possible that all people can relate to that content when one chooses some generous thing which happens with everyone. 

4. Presenting Some Old School Ideas 

Being trendy is essential, especially when a blog has no specific audience because most students and professionals stay updated with the trends. It will sound boring when an old method would be used for presenting the idea. Better insights can come across when the research about the likings of the target audience happens effectively. 

For example, – Some content takes the measure of old leaders who fought in ancient times and ruled the nation. Those people had ideas which majority of times, stood liable specifically for that time. 

In the modern world, everyone is smart, and those methodologies are no more useful. It is essential to mold the articles in the same way so that people could find a win situation and fresh ideas for them.

5. They are not Choosing the Right Keywords 

Dirty blogging also happens when the keywords are not common, and barely anybody uses them while searching on google. It happens more often than people try to induce some tricky words thinking that it will increase the blog’s quality; instead, it is not of use. 

The content has to be generic and easy to understand so that the words are common and people use that while searching on google. 

For example – Informative content like how to book a cab or hire a cab are questions that people often search on google. 

Here, the crucial keywords are book a cab and hire a cab, but if both are missing in such content, the google algorithm will not show the blog’s link. It is how SEO works, and one has to consider all these things. Some sites tell the keywords which are more often used by people while searching. 

6. Using False Statements 

The statements which are about the facts and are fetched based on the research should be correct. The figures in such cases cannot be incorrect as somebody is relying on the content to enhance their knowledge. 

A good blog will always choose the right way to present the correct information and avoid all the errors while presenting the facts. 

At times, people report the content when the knowledge is incorrect, or the facts don’t reflect the correct figures. 

7. Brief About the Content 

Some people miss adding the blog’s brief and conclusion, which is essential to avoid dirty blogging. Not everyone would be interested in reading the content, but there are chances that they will stay on the page for a longer time if they get an idea about the blog. 


Dirty blogging is about writing content that is not appropriate according to the default standards or the way people like it. There are some common themes in this writeup that can be a significant reason for dirty blogging. 

The agenda is to write unique, creative, and SEO friendly content that can get a good ranking on Google and attract more customers towards the website. 

There is a huge scope of blogging, but all these things have to be avoided for a successful writeup.