The eye is a sensitive organ and any negligence, if you have a traumatic history related to the eye can cause serious risk, even loss of vision. 

Consulting the doctor is obviously most recommended for eyecare in an emergency

Someone with a traumatic eye should keep the number of their regular doctor so that they can easily consult them in any unusual condition. 

However, it’s good to have some knowledge about the symptoms and possible treatments so that you could know if your eye is facing something serious or is just a usual happening.

Top 7 Eye Symptoms that Require Immediate Medical Consultation

Top 7 Eye Symptoms that Require Immediate Medical Consultation

1.  Decreased Eyesight

This is the most noticeable symptom and indicates a retinal defect that may result in blindness. You need to see a doctor so that you may get proper eye lenses or eyeglasses to stop any further decrease in eyesight.

2.  Puncture Wounds

Such injury may happen because of penetration of any glass or metal in your eye. This may cause bleeding and such objects must be removed immediately to prevent any further risk.

3.  Eye Swelling 

This probably results because of infection or any allergy. Eye swelling also requires an immediate medical consultation. You would be given some eye drops or eyewash to clean out the eye and prevent swelling.

4.  Chemical Burn

Chemical burns in the eye can cause serious problems if the chemicals are acidic. Such chemicals are often found in toilet cleaners. Any contact of such chemicals to your eye needs to be checked immediately by a doctor because it could even result in blindness.

5.  Eye Bleeding

Accidents that cause the bones near your eye to fracture can cause eye bleeding. This often occurs when you are punched by someone or something heavy is punched onto your face.

6.  Persistent Pain

You might face persistent pain or irritation in your eyes may be because your head or face has been hit by something hard. To prevent yourself from any further pain you need to see the doctor.

7.  Flashing of Light

Flashes of light are another popular symptom that needs attention. This flashing of light with no external reason maybe because something is happening to your internal. There is no pain the light is the only symptom in such a case. 

Emergency Care

Consulting the doctor is a must in any unusual condition. However, it might take some time for you to reach a hospital. Therefore, you should have this knowledge about emergency eye care so that you could help yourself or even anyone else in such circumstances.

  • Cover your injured eye loosely for the blockage of blood.
  • Icing is another eye care that you could apply if you are facing any eye irritation.
  • Don’t just start rubbing your eye because this may make things worse.
  • Wash your eyes again and again in case of swelling and pain.
  • Don’t try to get the material/object out of your eye on your own.
  • Its always advised that if your eye happens to encounter some chemical do bring the portion of that chemical to the doctor for better treatment.
  • Keep the first aid box at the workplaces and even at homes.

Precautions to Save your Eye From Injury

Eye injury is something that can occur anywhere and anytime. However, mostly there are kids who don’t know that particular thing would hurt their eyes. And then there are workers who are the most frequent subjects of eye injury because they happen to use high-risk equipment. Therefore, we suggest the following precautions.

  • Be careful with the chemicals and always read the precautionary measures written on the chemical.
  • Maintain a safe distance from armature fireworks.
  • Keep risky equipment and chemicals out of the reach of children.
  • Protect your eye using glasses or other protective eye wears when engaged in high-risk activities.


We have had a detailed discussion about serious eye symptoms, possible measures that you could take, and finally the precautions. 

It is important to mention that in any unusual condition don’t try to do something that you don’t know much about because this may complicate the situation.

Consulting the doctor is better than becoming your own doctor. Immediate treatment by a doctor is the best you can do for your own good. Someone with traumatic eye history must visit the doctor regularly.