Technology is doing wonders by providing ease in doing all the day to day work quickly. The benefits of technology are ample, and the inventions will never stop further in the future. 

The heart of every technology is the internet because to access a broad range of aspects of any technology, it is essential to have access to the world wide web. 

Some harmful codes like Viruses, Malware, and other malicious codes are always dangerous for all the technologies, and prevention from them is essential. 

Many antivirus softwares are present in the market that helps prevent unauthorized access of data and other harm provided by viruses.

Webroot and Avast are among the best antivirus software currently present in the market. Webroot vs Avast is a comparison in this writeup, making the decision easier to choose the best between them. 

The comparison between antiviruses are made based on the following factors: 

Webroot Vs Avast

webroot vs avast honest review

1. Available Devices 

Both the antivirus are available for web, mobile, and iPads, making it easy to buy one complete pack and secure all the devices. The number of users using the Internet on mobile increases, so it is important to secure the mobiles and iPads. 

2. Internet Access Security

Browser is the medium to set up the connection with the internet, ensuring browser security is essential. The browsers also hold some personal sites’ credentials, and accessing those credentials would be harmful in terms of privacy.

Avast offers Safezone browser security to prevent data piracy. On the other hand, there is no Browser security in Webroot. The winner for this aspect is Avast, and one can keep this into consideration while purchasing the antivirus. 

3. Protection

The detection time frame has to be quick for any antivirus so that the code doesn’t harm more files. The detection rate of Avast is better than Webroot, which makes it suitable from a protection point of view. The antivirus also adds further rules to the firewall, which decreases the chances of unauthorized access.

4. Updates in the Software

The viruses are never traditional because if that was the case, then the PC manufacturers would have given a prebuilt software installed in each PC. The harm from different kinds of new viruses keeps on increasing. It is essential to have a regular update in the software to protect all the personal data and information.

Avast gets the periodic update, and the updates are frequent compared to Webroot, which doesn’t get updated more often. The winner, particularly for this aspect, is Avast. 

5. User Interface

It is the primary thing that decides whether a person would use any software or not. User experience offers an easy to use of any software and fulfill the purpose quickly. The more the ease, the better would be the user experience. Avast is easy to use, and all the features are easy to access. 

6. Anti-Malware and VPN Features

While accessing the internet, there is the Dark web, which injects some code and tries to retrieve the information we provide on sites. That is why there should always be an antivirus that could recognize where the details have been entered.

The smart move that the hacker makes is by allowing the user to enter information in an HTML page. It looks similar to some company’s official site and, after that, refreshes the page automatically. It fools an individual and sells the data to do fraud. 

Avast and Webroot both have some protocols which block all such activity. Webroot is the winner because there are multiple checks, which it applies to check the site before opening. 

7. Customer Satisfaction

People are finding Webroot more convenient and referring it to their friends. It is the security boundaries that make this antivirus more secure and reliable. One primary reason for higher trust in Avast is cloud-based security, which is less secure in Webroot. 

8. Support

In terms of the license, Webroot is better than Avast. The reason being is the type of customer base, which they usually serve, belongs to big organizations. That is why they are better in service and provide plenty of sources to get in touch with them. 

9. Price

In Avast, the price doesn’t decrease much when the number of users increases. In Webroot, as the number of users increases, the price for securing per PC and other devices drops. It is the reason that the companies choose Webroot when there is more number of employees who need internet security.

Avast is the best for fewer users because it offers some users for free, which is beneficial. In case the price is not a barrier for the purchase, then definitely Avast would be more cost-effective as it offers more security. 

An extra feature that makes an Antivirus better than the other one 

10. Webcam Shield

Any malicious code can get complete detail of chat and personal information. It can happen with anyone who is connected through the internet. The best solution for this is choosing an antivirus that protects the data by applying protocols.

The webcam shield protects an individual’s identity like photographs, name, the purpose of joining the call, etc. It covers all the personal data from theft. The winner in between both for webcam shield is Avast because it offers that additional feature. 


Avast vs Webroot is always a healthy competition. Both of these tools stay popular, and the reason is the different aspects in which they are better. Some factors present in this writeup cover every individual main checkpoint before purchasing any antivirus software.

This competition concludes that in terms of security, reliability, and price for fewer users, Avast is good. In case when the number of users increases, then the price per user of webroot decreases, which is beneficial. 

The primary thing is to understand that for how many people you need the antivirus. Avast may be expensive for more users but offers better security, so it is ultimately the winner. Decide based on the factors present above and purchase the one that suits best for your scenario.