Are you Windows 10 user, and have come across a strange thing like Windows setup remediations (KB4023057)?

Most of the users are not familiar with this setup and they think that it is some virus or an error that has occurred due to damage to their Windows. Is it a virus? Or is it an error?

You will get the answers at the end of this post, so keep on reading. We will discuss the whole thing you want to know about Windows setup remediations.

What it is?

When you install Windows on your computer, it is aimed to provide you the best service ever. For the provision of the best service, they offer a variety of safeguarding apps and systems to protect your computer and its privacy and enhance the performance of your device. Windows setup remediations are also included in these protection services.

You can also find Windows Setup Remediations in the C:\Program Files\rempl folder as a portion of the sedsvc.exe procedure. 

It is a Windows up-gradation service that supports the performance of windows by keeping it updated, free of extra files, and fix many of the faults automatically. You will get notified about this setup when several updates related to your Windows have piled up, and they need to be updated immediately.

What is its Utility?

This setup is very critical for any computer/laptop/device, and the foremost utility of this setup is to keep your Windows safe from being hacked by some hacker. It will not only protect your privacy and passwords but also enhance the performance by keeping the Windows version updated timely.

By getting new versions you will be able to have a better experience while surfing the internet and enjoy the latest features of Windows.

What it Can Do?

Almost all the devices are compatible with Windows setup remediations.

Here, we will inform you about the important tasks that it can perform on your computer/device.

  • If there is any problem identified in your network, it will reset the network settings.
  • If there are any updates to be installed immediately, it makes your computer wait to get updated before shutting off.
  • It clears all the archive keys to prevent updating issues.
  • When the Windows gets corrupted or damaged due to some reason, it helps in the reparation and restoration of data.

Ways to Uninstall or Turn Off Windows Setup Remediations

If you still want to turn off the windows setup remediations in your computer, then below are the steps to do it.


  • First of all, open the start menu and go to the settings. You can also use this key to open the settings instantly (Windows button + I).
  • You will get Apps in the settings app, choose it.
  • Now, you will enter in the Apps & features, just look for the programs; Windows setup remediations & Update Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057).
  • Now when you will select the program, there will be an option to uninstall it. Click on it, and you will be able to uninstall the entire Windows remediation service from your computer.


  • Get the run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R.
  • Now carefully type services.msc. Remember! This should not be italics.
  •  You will enter in service manager.
  • Scroll down to see these two terms in the given list:
  • Windows remediation service.
  • Update medic service.
  • If you will double-click on the Windows remediation service, you will be able to see its properties.
  • In properties, click on the stop button to stop it, and here you go.


  • Start by opening the run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R.
  • Now carefully type taskschd.msc. Remember! This should not be italics.
  • Task scheduler will be opened on your screen. Now select the Task scheduler library from the left side of the box.
  • Go to Microsoft > Windows > rempl.
  • You will see shell written on the right side of the task scheduler box. Select it.
  • Now click on delete and confirm your action.


Here is another hack by applying which you can trick the Windows system to not find/recognize the folder to run the remediation service. Simply, change the name of the folder “rempl” found in the C disk programs of your computer, or remove it.


You can also restrict the executables (EXE) to have Internet access/connectivity, through the Firewall Software on your computer. These executables include; sedsvc.exe, rempl.exe, remsh.exe, WaaSMedic.exe, sedlauncher.exe, disktoast.exe, and osrrb.exe.

Final Words

The answers to the questions stated in the beginning are:

No, it is not a virus or any type of error. Windows setup remediations is a Microsoft package that is utilized for the modernization of Windows and its versions to enhance the performance of the Windows. It is safe to have on the computer but you can also remove or turn off this service easily by following the above-mentioned steps.

Anxiously waiting for your suggestions and comments. We hope, you liked the post.