Err_connection_refused occurs when chrome cannot load the website, most people have faced this err, but it is easy to fix. Chrome may see messages like this.

The following are method in which you can fix err_connection_refused:

1. Clear Browser’s Cache and Cookies

Clearing the browser’s cache helps to load repeat pages quickly, thus saving time; this is because when the browser gets overloaded with all this stored data, its speed and efficiency will reduce. To clear cache, you should;

  • Open chrome
  • In the top right, click more
  • Click the tool> precise browsing data
  • Select all time
  • Then clear data

After removing, check whether the error still exists or not? if it does, continue reading…

2. Reset Your IP Address and Clear DNS Cache  

DNS cache is temporary storage made by computer operating system; DNS functions the same as browser cache; it loads web fast, hence the error. To clear this, you should reset the Ip and flush the DNS cache. Follow the following steps to reset your Ip and transparent DNS;

  • Click start, then type cmd.exe
  • Right-click and select, “Run as administrator
  • Type DNS type command then hit an enter button
  • Note that this admirative command is a must enter
  • Lastly, type the next command ipconfig, then click enter

After doing these steps, start your computer to check whether the error is cleared.

3. Reinstall Chrome

Chrome may be expired or outdated, so you should check and reinstall or update; if chrome is outdated, it may cause err_connection_refused.

4. Check The Status Of The Web You Are Visiting

To fix the err_connection_refused, you should first check the status of the web you are visiting; if the website is down, you are not the only one receiving this error; you should wait for the owner to fix it.

You can also type in the website domain to whether it’s down for everyone or your device has a problem. If the website you are trying to access is down, you should wait; you can also try to reach and report the issue.

5. Downtime In the Internet Connection

Err_connection_refused can occur if there is a problem in internet connection, high-speed internet is recommended for this; it will eliminate this worst error.

6. Restart Your Router

This method has been tested for fixing several internet issues; you will have to turn it off and back on again; although this method is not 100% reliable, it is worth a try if you are experiencing connection problems, restarting the router, you should disconnect the power to it.

You’ll need to wait for about 30 sec before plugging it in. After the router has booted, try to access the page to see whether the hectic error is gone.

7. Disable Any Chrome Extension

It is uncovered that installing extensions mostly adds to a more well -rounded google experience. These many extensions add vital features and help to automate complex processes.

However, a significant number available on google chrome is created 3rd parties and not browser’s developers; this means there is no guarantee they’ll work or correctly update overtime.

These outdated or incorrect extensions will cause err_connection_refused to err, so it is always essential to regularly audit the extinctions attached to your browser.

To disable, first, open the extension menu in your chrome browser, then begin to assess each of the installed extinctions to whether you need them; if you don’t, remove them. Then check if you can browse without erring connection refused.

8. Run The Internet Connections Troubleshooter

To do this, you should follow the following instructions

  1. Click on the gear icon in the start menu
  2. Then click the update and security tab
  3. Choose Troubleshoot from the menu on the left- hand side
  4. Scroll and select internet connections, then click on detect problems
  5. When the troubleshooter finishes running, reboot your system, then you’ll see whether chrome has started working.

9. Stop Synchronization With Google Account

Doing more activities at the same time as your computer may sometimes lead to this error. To stop this type chrome://settings /people in the browser search bar, once you click to enter your name and email will click the turn off button near your name and dismiss the error.

10. Check Your Proxy Server Settings

 Proxy servers are most active for a limited time, and then they go offline; if the proxy on your phone has expired, the chrome browser will not be able to access the website; therefore, it is always good to leave the proxy settings to default.

To remove the err, browse to ‘internet options’ in the control panel, click on ‘connections,’ and then hit on the ‘LAN settings’ icon. Ensure the proxy server is not checked in the window that showed up after hitting the LAN setting icon.

11. Temporarily Disable Firewall And Antivirus

Firewalls and antivirus software protect the computer from harm; they automatically block off the web content when they suspect it as harmful to your computer.

However, they are not perfect since they experience difficulties accessing the web; this because your firewall deems it’s powerful.

To end this, you should temporarily disable your firewall or antivirus to reactivate them once the error has been fixed so that you don’t leave your computer vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

12. Change DNS Server

One of the basic building blocks is of computer network functionality is resolution. It means that an outdated DNS is not the only potential error.

The DNS server itself can also be responsible for these kinds of connection errors; if it does not function properly, it may not work because it is overloaded or offline.

The DNS server address is mostly obtained from the internet provider; However, the selected name server can easily be entered for name resolution; the google servers and CDN are particularly recommended.


Err_connection_refused can be caused by the above-listed reason. You should check adequately the solutions given to make sure your browser is error-free; however, if none of these solutions work, there is a severe problem on the servers side, therefore; in this case, all you can do is wait, the website’s owners are likely working on the issue, and it will work as usual.