Textsheet was an online website which was very popular for students. The student enters the question in the search bar, and they would get answers. The textsheet would send the item to check for solutions.

Unfortunately, the textsheet is no longer working; it was quickly brought down even though it used to be the student’s favorite source, so students had to find a new site to help them with their homework.

The following are some of the best alternatives to the textsheet:

1.  Chegg


Chegg has many things to offer; first of all, it is a math solver, whereby it gives step-by-step explanations for almost every problem. Chegg offers book rental, online courses, and course reviews.

The experts of Chegg are ready to help you with your assignment quickly. You can download in the play store or app store; it can cover the most challenging tasks and help with many subjects and courses.

Chegg gives students a solution to many issues like chemistry, math, engineering, business, and many other methods.

To access Chegg, you will have to sign-up and pay their subscription fee, which sometimes becomes a problem for some students.

2.  Slader


To access slader, you should first download the app in the app store; utilizing it is very simple. What you do is you search for an inquiry by giving the textbook name or using the thirteen digits ISBN to discover the arrangement from a particular book; when you find the right one, type in the page number and tap on the go, and there you will have the whole exercise with every possible answer.

This website contains an immense database, including various subjects—for example, upper-level math, secondary school math, science, sociologies, writing, and English. Being easy to use, you can comfortably arrange books on several classifications.

Slader is free to use the website; although it contains some annoying commercials, therefore to have an advertisement free slader, you will have to move up to an exceptional arrangement that will cost you some money per month.

3.  Course Hero


This is one of the more alternatives of textsheet; course hero offers access to thirty million course explicit study materials for students.

On this website, you can discover many study assets: class notes depending on the school, guides, recordings, documents, textbooks, subjects, or even writing titles.

This website is awe-inspiring since it helps students. This website covers famous issues so that when you have a forthcoming test will know where to remain in the planning perspective; it also provides every minute of everyday homework help where you get customized training from the subject’s specialists.

To begin accessing course hero, you will need two choices; the first one you can go for is “earn free access” this one you will need to transfer your study documents in the library. For the second one, you need “moment access,” whereby you need to for the enrollment, which will cost you $9.95 monthly.

Quality data is available at the official portal or the app, which all are available on android or iOS.

4.  Studylib


The textsheet has another alternative called studying. This offers many solved assignments and homework solutions for students, but it is less organized than slader. Even though it is a great source to find answers for your homework, you can also share the notes if you want to help your fellow students.

This website gives you solutions to all subjects; since it is a free website, you can sign up and add papers and documents to your collection; you can also easily download needed documents for free from the homepage.

studylib also has an accessible home page where you can find the trending documents, making the site navigate easily.

5.  SparkNotes  

This website was started in 1999, and in 2001, it was acquired by Barnes and Nobel. It is a website where notes for a variety of courses and guides of various school subjects.

Mostly SparkNotes features an online platform to buy books and test prep; this helps students prepare for standardized tests, making SparkNotes the best textsheet alternative.

SparkNotes app is available in Google’s play store and Apple app store; you can run this app on both android and iOS devices.

SparkNotes offers various subjects such as math and sciences, social sciences, written works, e.g., drama, poetry, films, short stories, etc.

6.  Coursera

bhtnews.com coursera

This web was founded by two Stanford University professors in 2012 with a mission to provide students with the best world’s education.

Coursera is also considered as the best textsheet alternative to study or write research papers. The website has over 40 million learners and more than 3600 courses to learn. Coursera provides online degree courses. The amount charged for membership is $39 monthly.

This textsheet alternative can be downloaded on both android and iOS. Coursera is arranged in such a way that in every study, you will find subjects.

7.  Quizlet 

bhtnews quizlet

Another textsheet alternative is Quizlet. This is a little different from the textbook answer bank for it. It Is solely community-driven questions, and revision notes collections are significant when preparing for exams.

The website also provides fun games to keep you engaged while learning. To use search for your subject, then browse the collection toolset and get to test yourself; this app is so excellent for you can use for virtual revision cards, or you can print them out to keep them in your pocket or hang them on your wall to help you learn.

As said earlier, Quizlet contains games like gravity, which involves quick-firing definitions and answers to score points. You can click the ‘test’ button to give yourself an examination. If you have study materials and want to test yourself on them, you can make your own Quizlet flashcard set and start testing your knowledge.

You can also share your resources with the community. There may also be some concerns about the answers’ quality, so stay vigilant and cross-check verified experts’ answers just to be confident.


The above-listed textsheet alternatives will help students in their assignments; all of these alternatives are readily available to your gadgets, so students should visit the sites for their answers.